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Gifted & Talented Endorsement


Educator Endorsement Program

Gain an understanding of the unique needs of gifted and talented students.

Through the courses offered in this program, you can enhance your knowledge and expertise regarding gifted and talented students’ characteristics, emotional and social needs, appropriate academic curriculum and differentiation strategies.


1. Credits and Courses: 3 credits in each core area and 5 elective credits, total of 20 credits

    • Foundations of Gifted & Talented Education – 3 credits
    • Curriculum Adaptation for Gifted & Talented Students – 3 credits
    • Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted & Talented Learners – 3 credits
    • Creativity and Critical Thinking – 3 credits
    • Capstone – 3 credits
    • Electives associated with gifted and talented education – 5 credits


2. Praxis: 7028 Gifted & Talented K-12


3. Institutional Recommendation

Other Teaching Endorsements

For those already certified to teach in Idaho, NNU offers an Endorsement Only program that allows you to add an endorsement for additional subject areas.

These endorsements can only be added to a valid Idaho Teaching Certificate. Other than the Gifted & Talented Endorsement, all of these are offered through the College of Education at NNU.

Learn more by contacting educationinfo@nnu.edu.

Participants who complete all requirements will receive a
Gifted and Talented Endorsement on their Idaho Teaching Certificate