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University Fund

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Your gifts to the University Fund are an investment, an investment in students prepared and encouraged to engage and change the world; an investment with eternal returns. Your gifts help preserve the past and fund the future
The University Fund exists to make a Northwest Nazarene University education possible. A lifeline of the operating budget, the University Fund bridges some of the gap between the full cost of education at NNU and the amount actually paid by students.
The University Fund meets basic needs of the university by helping to put:
  • scholarships in the hands of our students
  • quality faculty in our classrooms
  • books and resources in our library
  • upgrades and improvements in student residence halls
  • student ministry and missions programs around the world
The University Fund is vital to keeping the university functioning! Without your undesignated gifts—gifts to be used where the need is greatest—there would be no University Fund. Thank you.

Invest Your Way

Gifts to the University Fund may be made by cash, check, electronic transfer, credit card, stocks, securities, real estate, life insurance—whichever method is most convenient for you. For more information about any of these options, including making a recurring gift by credit card or electronic transfer, contact the Office of University Advancement.