Become a Teacher (ACE)

Become a Teacher (ACE)

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Want to be a teacher?

Find the program from NNU that works best for you!

On-Campus Traditional Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary or Secondary Education

Select this program if you are:

  • A traditional on-campus student
  • High school graduate (with or without college credits)
  • Available to take day-time classes on campus
  • Looking for a traditional 4-year program

Contact: Stephanie Gunstream, 208.467.8496,

Elementary (K-8) Teacher Certification and Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Select this program if you are:

  • Are interested in online courses
  • Do not have a completed bachelor’s degree but have at least 28 earned college credits**
  • Are not already a certified teacher
  • Want the flexibility of an online program (coursework is 100% online)
  • Want to earn your bachelor’s degree and teaching certification in as few as 16 months

Contact: Leslie Gangwer, 208.467.8395,

**If you have fewer than 28 earned college credits and would like to take the first steps toward teacher certification, consider our AA in Education.

Elementary or Secondary Teaching Certification and Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) 

Select this program if you:

  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Currently do not have a teaching certificate
  • Want to earn your teaching certification and enter the field of education
  • Want the flexibility of an online program (coursework is 100% online)
  • Want to finish in as little as 16 months
  • Want to earn your Master of Art in Teaching (MAT)
  • Want the ability to move up the teacher pay scale with master's (MAT) degree completion

Contact: Leslie Gangwer, 208.467.8395,

Already certified to teach to Idaho?

NNU's Endorsement Only Program assists Educators who hold a valid State of Idaho Standard Instructional Certificate with endorsements in Secondary, All Subjects (K-8), or Special Education Generalist to add additional subject areas endorsements. Teachers will need to satisfy content and pedagogy requirements in order to obtain an additional subject area endorsement.