Certificate Program - L.E.A.D

Certificate Program - L.E.A.D

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Professional Certificate Program

How do you, as a leader, help people bring their best to work? The L.E.A.D. Leadership Certificate Program provides targeted training in the topics of supervision, self-awareness, employee engagement, communication skills, performance leadership, feedback, coaching and more.

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Learn the keys to empowering constituents and developing a highly engaged team.


Engage with other leaders from diverse fields and backgrounds.


Achieve more effectively by implementing new leadership practices.


Develop yourself and your people to enhance performance and capabilities.



6 Unique Classes

targeting different aspects of leadership

100% Online Courses

featuring video call lessons, discussion, and practical exercises

Small Class Sizes

ensure peer interaction and instructor feedback

4 Weeks per Class

of coursework and weekly meetings

2 Doctoral-Level Instructors

with many years of experience

$249 Cost per Class
The Self-Aware Leader

Self-awareness is an important first step to growing as a leader. Effective and successful leaders understand who they are and how others see them. Participants in this class will explore the qualities of excellent leadership and how they align and apply to their leadership.

The Others-Aware Leader

This class explores the mindset, behaviors, challenges and benefits of growing the leader’s ability to lead with emotional intelligence. Leaders with high emotional intelligence foster greater trust, optimism, engagement and resilience among their constituents, leading to higher performance.

Building a Learning Culture

People have a deep desire and motivation to grow. Leaders structure the workplace so that each constituent wants to tap into that desire and motivation to grow. This class explores the elements that create this type of growth-oriented workplace, a workplace focused on development and the ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment.

Developing Others

A developmental leader’s primary responsibility is to grow the talent and capabilities of their team members, so that they may bring their best to work and perform more effectively. This class examines the intentional mindset and behaviors through which leaders best develop their constituents.

Capabilities Growth

Did you know that the process of learning is a business capability that can be optimized to advantage your company? This class introduces a simple yet powerful framework leaders can employ to develop their team’s capabilities to pursue opportunities, navigate change, and solve problems more effectively, while increasing team member collaboration, engagement and contribution.

Performance Growth

A primary leadership responsibility is increasing performance. This class will examine the concept of people empowerment and development and how leaders can create an environment in which their people are engaged and motivated. Participants will learn about a framework that is designed to help the leader focus on and enhance the elements that grow individual performance.

Participants that complete all 6 courses will receive the

L.E.A.D. Certificate of Completion

Professional Certificate Program

Women in Leadership

How do women equip and empower themselves to live into their leadership potential?

The Women in Leadership Certificate Program helps women in leadership examine their unique difficulties and advantages, network with other leaders and apply practical approaches for effective leadership.

Professional Certificate Program


Give your new hires a head start for professional success.

Research over the last 10 years shows a significant and growing gap between what employers need from applicants and what new employees actually bring with them regarding professionalism and career-readiness soft skills. The On-Ramp Certificate Program addresses this need head-on.

Team Training

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Grow your own self-awareness and your understanding of others through this powerful assessment and communication tool.

Take your leadership or department team through an engaging and insightful DiSC Training.