Certificate Program - Women in Leadership

Certificate Program - Women in Leadership

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Women in Leadership

Professional Certificate Program

How do women equip and empower themselves to live into their leadership potential?

The Women in Leadership Certificate Program helps women in leadership examine their unique difficulties and advantages, network with other leaders and apply practical approaches for effective leadership.

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Examine unique difficulties and competencies that make leadership for women both a challenge and an asset.


Network with other leaders invested in raising awareness and building women leaders.


Apply practical approaches for developing a grounded sense of confidence and a toolbox of resources that will help you live into your leadership potential.


4 Unique Classes

designed and taught by professional female instructors

100% Online Courses

work around your career, your family and your life

5 Weeks per Class

of coursework entirely accessed online

Small Class Sizes

allow for more direct conversations between participants and instructors

Book Studies and Assessments

introduce participants to the tools other women use and their own unique strengths

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Women in Leadership
Walking Backwards in High Heels

This course begins to untangle the complexities of how women navigate effectively in the workforce. Through the sharing of experience, narratives and research, the intricacies and pitfalls in the paths toward successful leadership will be illuminated. Focusing on the cultural and unseen forces that shape values and perspective, this course begins the journey toward successful and fulfilling leadership for women who want to learn how their unique challenges and gifts make them assets in the world.

$299 Cost

Women in Leadership
Women in the Arena

Women continue to be largely underrepresented in leadership roles across industries, but more are choosing to pursue positions of influence—choosing to boldly engage and “enter the arena.” The arena can feel threatening, but only those who choose to enter have a chance at victory. Through this course, participants will examine the limiting beliefs that keep them from performing at their best, then learn practical approaches for developing a grounded sense of confidence balanced with openness. Participants will conclude this course with a clear, personal definition of success and the confidence to pursue it.

$299 Cost

Women in Leadership
Your Leadership GPS

Understanding who you are as a leader is a necessary step in growing your leadership acumen. This course leads participants through an evaluation of their current leadership in light of the four components of authentic leadership: self-awareness, balanced processing, relationship transparency and internalized moral perspective. Participants will consider their own role as an aspiring or practicing leader and identify their own personal leadership characteristics and qualities, focusing on areas of growth and development. This course will emphasize both theory and practices, seeking to apply learning to participants’ current context.

$299 Cost

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Leading Well

What does it mean to lead well? In this course, participants will explore how to lead through influence, understand why raising one's EQ is crucial to success (in all areas of life and work), discover their personal strengths, clarify their personal leadership style, expand their awareness of how to lead their people as individuals and craft an action plan to integrate and apply everything they’ve learned in this course and through the extended Leadership Series. Participants will be exposed to a variety of materials, exercises and real-life application of what they learn, and will actively engage in a community of practice, exchanging ideas, insights and perspectives with fellow students in the program.

This course includes the StrengthsFinder Assessment.

$329 Cost

Participants that complete all 6 courses will receive the

Women in Leadership Certificate of Completion

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