Bachelor of Science

NNU's Bachelor of Science degree in Biology is a multidisciplinary degree focused on broad biology fundamentals. With a Bachelor of Science students can choose a concentration in pre-medical biology (human, animal, dental) or general biology.

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  • Concentrations in general biology and pre-medical.
  • NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs.
  • Summer research opportunities.


NNU's Bachelor of Science degree in Biology is a multidisciplinary degree focusing on broad biology fundamentals with a choice of emphasis in cellular and molecular biology, ecology and biodiversity biology, pre-medical biology, or general biology. These areas of study are ideal for students pursuing careers in a variety of medical and research fields. To make sure the student’s education includes much more than a textbook, NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs and offer summer research opportunities with professor-student collaboration.

Department Goals & Student Outcomes

  • Graduates who receive a biology degree from Northwest Nazarene University will demonstrate that they can think logically, analytically, and independently about the scientific principles that affect the world around them. Graduates will acquire a basic informational framework to make decisions related to such areas as nutrition, personal and family health, community policy, and national law.
  • Graduates who receive a biology degree from NNU will be able to collect and analyze scientific data and then integrate and prepare the data into professionally acceptable written and oral forms. Students will become comfortable in the utilization of modern technology to more effectively communicate.
  • Graduates who receive a biology degree from NNU will develop a historical sense of man's scientific advancement through a better understanding of natural phenomena and then apply this knowledge through a variety of scientific endeavors to accurately understand, utilize, control and predict natural processes in a way that will allow the realization of a better quality of life.
  • Graduates who receive a biology degree from NNU will integrate scholarship, faith, and service by exposure to a community of scholars and develop long term personal, spiritual, professional, and social interactions that allow mutual expression of the Lord's redeeming grace. Students should then be better able to excel in their chosen discipline and be effective and compassionate members of their community.


General Biology

The General Biology concentration will prepare you for graduate school or an entry level position in biology. With this concentration, you will have the flexibility to tailor the courses you take to your specific interests in the field.


Students planning to pursue a career in medicine (veterinary, dental, physician assistant and medical schools) will be well prepared with the Pre-Medical concentration. Offering a solid academic foundation through a Christian lens, this program of study will help you prepare for the challenging and dynamic future of medicine. Be sure to check the degree page for Pre-Medical for more information about this program.

Wildlife Biology

The Wildlife Biology major will prepare you for jobs in ecology, wildlife, field or conservation biology or for graduate school. You’ll study under faculty who are active in field research and who have connections around the globe. Be sure to check the degree page for Wildlife Biology for more information about this program.
Degree Details

Bachelor of Science

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Related Career Paths
Career Avg. Salary
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations $45,160
Physicians Assistants $108,610
Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan area occupational employment and wage estimates for the Boise area are sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The best thing about the NNU Biology program is the quality of education and that the professors actually want you to learn the information in a practical and useful way. The class sizes are small therefore professors and students can build really good relationships. Knowing that the Biology degree is a little difficult, professors have open hours and want to help students do well.

Tamar Yalenga

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