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Mar 23, 2023 | Blog

Two students in a theatre performanceChoosing a major can be difficult! If you are passionate about the arts and performance, musical theatre major may be a natural choice. Musical Theatre at NNU is a robust program fueled by the heart and passion of faculty and staff who understand the importance and commitment to the arts.

Krista Jo Miller, NNU’s Director of Theatre, brings her expertise and enthusiasm into working tirelessly with students to produce impactful and breathtaking performances:

“Theatre tells the truth about the world, and one of its greatest assets is that the best theatre doesn’t gloss over that truth. Yes, it can present truth in entertaining and even pleasing ways, but the best theatre will always ask its audience to consider difficult things. Theatre is a fantastic place to begin that practice.”

Not only will you have the opportunity to grow in the arts, but our Musical Theatre program will also give you important and transferable skills like public speaking, being a team player and communication. This program will prepare you for a career as a performer, director, producer, choreographer, arts manager, theatre teacher, technician (sets, lights, costumes, props, etc.) and so much more! We are excited to see you take the stage here at NNU!

Want a peek into the life of a Musical Theatre student? MEET JUDAH!