An educational legacy

An educational legacy

Northwest Nazarene University
Sep 12, 2016

Matt Salisbury’s (’97) graduation from NNU was a little more special than most. It wasn’t just because he was successfully finishing a degree started prior to joining the military and getting married, but because when he walked across the stage his grandfather, Phil Salisbury (’47) was also standing in regalia as a Golden Grad.

NNU invites alumni celebrating 50 years since graduating from NNU back to campus to participate in commencement. This tradition not only serves as a meaningful reunion for alumni but a blessing to the current grads who get to see the heritage of success, community and commitment to the university that has gone before them.

“Graduating with my grandfather made my NNU experience. I got a glimpse of the special history I have.”

However, not many students get the special privilege of graduating while one of their own grandparents is a Golden Grad. Matt says, “Graduating with my grandfather made my NNU experience. I got a glimpse of the special history I have.”

The family legacy isn’t ending there. Matt’s daughter Claire is a senior in high school at Victory Charter School in Nampa. At first she wasn’t interested in NNU because everyone in the family had gone there. She wanted to forge a different path.

But after choosing to major in media studies, NNU’s reputation in the field caused her to take a second look at NNU. The opportunities for hands-on learning and internships and the amazing success of the alumni of the Film School @ NNU convinced her that all those relatives of hers had chosen NNU for a reason.

She said, “It’s pretty cool that my family has this legacy at a Christian school that also has really impressive programs. I can’t wait to start in the Film School and to follow in my family’s footsteps at NNU.”

Photo caption: Matt Salisbury (’97) and his grandfather, Phil Salisbury (’47), at NNU's commencement ceremony in 1997.