College of Theology and Christian Ministries Holds Virtual Ceremony

College of Theology and Christian Ministries Holds Virtual Ceremony

Northwest Nazarene University
Apr 28, 2020
Hangouts award Ceremony

The College of Theology and Christian Ministries honored and celebrated student achievements during a virtual awards program held April 20.

“Obviously, this year has provided extra challenges for everyone, but also an intense degree of loss for our Seniors,” Dr. Brent Peterson, Dean of the College of Theology and Christian Ministries, said. “In talking with our seniors they really wanted us to try and have this event even though it would be done virtually. Words cannot express the joy and fun that was had. Students loved ‘seeing’ their classmates and professors.”

The awards highlighted outstanding student work during the 2019-20 academic year. Joel Pearsall, NNU president, also attended the event, even breaking out a suit jacket for the occasion.

“To each of you students I commend you for your persistence and flexibility and grace as you have made the transition to remote learning,” Pearsall said. “We commend you all because you are all to be honored in this season.”

The award recipients are listed below:

  • Philosophy Paper Award: Jessica Brennis
  • Hebrew Language Award: Tyson Gusman
  • GPA Awards: Senior: Elise Snowden, Junior: Aurora Ovalle, 2nd Year: Rebekah Soft
  • Bible Award: Erika Vaughn
  • Bible Paper Award: Keaton Woodcook
  • SPCE Award: Ethan Gerdes
  • Ministerial Standing: Sara Alis
  • AYME Award UAYM: Erika Vaughn
  • Mission Student Award: Sara Alis
  • Doulos Award: Erika Vaughn and Lauren Ketchum
  • A.E. Sanner Senior Sermon Award USSA: Julissa Peart, Braden Rainey, Elise Snowden
  • Preaching Commission Awards: Christopher Cruz Osorio and Elise Snowden
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award UPPL: Lucky Detty, Jason McEachran, Linda Hartley, Melissa Duggan
  • CTCM Faculty Award UPRF: Elise Snowden

In addition to the accolades, the ceremony was a time for students and faculty to say their goodbye’s as the school year winds down.

“I’m not one to be super regretful when looking back on things. I came over as a transfer student ... so I missed out on those first two years and I don’t think there’s anything I regret more,” Levi Lewis, senior, said. “If I could go back I think I would come right out of high school and come here because this community is so great and so wonderful.”

NNU’s College of Theology and Christian Ministry offers undergraduate degrees in Christian Ministry, Youth Ministry, Intercultural Studies (Missions), Worship Arts, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy, and their Graduate School of Theology offers fully online Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees. To find out more about any of these programs, go to