Eugene Emerson Award Recipient: Salvation Army of Nampa

Eugene Emerson Award Recipient: Salvation Army of Nampa

Northwest Nazarene University
Sep 21, 2018

The 2018 Eugene Emerson Award recognizes the partnership between Northwest Nazarene University and an organization committed to the success and well-being of families in the Nampa Community. Yesterday evening, we honored one of Nampa’s most important and essential organizations, the Salvation Army.

In 1905, the Nampa Salvation Army was organized by two sisters who had recently moved to Nampa. Eight years later, Northwest Nazarene University accepted her first students. These two institutions have partnered ever since on behalf of Nampa and its citizens. Both organizations share a commitment to make the Gospel available and relevant to all members of the community and to care for the whole person regardless of the economic reality they find themselves in.

For 105 years, these two organizations together, have helped write Nampa's Story. A great deal can be said about Nampa by sharing the overlapping story and observing the efforts, activities and personnel of these two Christian institutions; whether distributing backpacks stuffed full of school supplies, hosting summer camp programs, providing meals and basic living supplies, providing shelter during Idaho's most inclement weather months along with a full range of worship and Christian education opportunities for children and youth. The dedicated staff and volunteers of the Nampa Corps represent all of us in serving Nampa's most vulnerable.

“One of NNU's four values is service," said NNU President Joel Pearsall. "Through partnering with the Salvation Army, our students have had invaluable opportunities to serve others in our community and gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of service. It delights my heart to see students and faculty come together alongside the Salvation Army in order to be the hands and feet of Christ to our community.”

The Salvation Army has provided NNU students thousands of hours of work, volunteer, and internship opportunities in ministry, social work, education, and social science. Thank you for partnering with and allowing NNU students, faculty, and staff, to donate money, expertise, and enormous blocks of time to share in your important work for a healthy Nampa.

The Corps Mission, “To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination" distinguishes the Salvation Army from other civic service providers, and is in harmony with the University’s mission of transformation, and its inherent calling to serve. Both organizations exist to service our local community and the broader world.

With grateful appreciation, and in recognition of their contribution to the spirit of cooperation between community and the University, Northwest Nazarene University proudly honored the Salvation Army of Nampa with the 2018 Eugene Emerson Award!

Major Preston Rider of Salvation Army of Nampa accepted the award on behalf of the organization.