How to survive Week One: advice for incoming freshmen

How to survive Week One: advice for incoming freshmen

Northwest Nazarene University
Aug 23, 2018

New Student Orientation kicks off tomorrow and as excited as the NNU community is to welcome the class of 2022 to campus, we understand that this time can be bittersweet for many students and parents. To help make this transition easier, we’ve asked current students to offer a few words of encouragement to our incoming freshmen on how to get the most out of Week One.

Go to all of the events
From Rootbeerfest to Rollerscamming, Week One provides a fun way to enter in to the familial atmosphere on campus and meet new friends. Coming from Washington, senior Jon Shields recalls feeling hesitant to attend all of the campus activities during his freshman year. He explains, “I was pretty reserved freshman year and was nervous about all the events, but now I would definitely recommend going to as many events as possible because it is such a great way to meet all your new classmates.” Once he convinced himself to step out of his comfort zone, Jon was able to meet his current Brick House roommates during his first night on campus. If you’re thinking about skipping one of the campus activities, just take it from Jon, “you are really missing out on having a lot of fun!”

Ask for help
Recent graduate and new admissions counselor Maggie Alcaraz says that the best thing students can do when feeling overwhelmed is “ask for help. NNU is filled with people who are not only trained but love to help others.” Instead of trying to navigate campus, schedules and unfamiliarities by flying solo, don’t be afraid to reach out to other students, professors and faculty. The goal of Week One is to help new students get acclimated to life at NNU and make them feel at home, and as Maggie affirms, “you will never be a bother.”

Take care of yourself
Our students know how difficult it can be to adjust to college life, and as much as we want our freshmen to enter into all of the Week One fun, we want them to take care of themselves first. SGA president Josh D’Orazio encourages new students to “take alone time when they can” in order to not get overwhelmed by the busyness of the week. Josh also suggests reaching out and meeting the SGA team if feeling discouraged; their goal is “to make freshman year the best for everyone.”

Invest in a community that invests in you
Above all else, NNU is a community that cares about its students. Week One is just one of the many ways that faculty and students come together, have fun and invest in each other throughout the year. Ally Bartlow, one of the RA’s in Ford Hall this year, shares that, “Week One is as fun and exciting as you want to make it. I am naturally an introvert but decided to get out there and invest in the NNU community, and I can honestly say that it has been the best experience of my life.”

We can’t wait for each of you to find your place here at NNU. Welcome home, Nighthawks!