International Bushfire Research

International Bushfire Research

Northwest Nazarene University
Feb 3, 2021

NNU Computer Science Professor Dr. Dale Hamilton worked as Science Lead on a project with the Australian/New Zealand Frontier Development Lab Data Quest on research using artificial intelligence to address bushfire issues by using space-based sensors.

Hamilton recruited computer science majors Braelyn Boerner, Kyle Duncan, Jeff Fairbanks and Kamden and Enoch Levandovsky to assist him with the international research.

“Our students helped the research teams with data acquisition and collection tasks as they obtained and prepped data as the Data Quest was starting,” Dr. Hamilton said.

Dr. Cormac Purcell, program director with Trillium Technologies in Australia, said of the students, “Their broad knowledge of machine learning and computational geography was a real boon to the Fire Behaviour team especially. We do hope that the students had a positive experience working with an international team of crossdisciplinary scientists.”

Students completed their part of the project in August. Their work on an international stage is evidence that the education they are receiving at NNU is preparing them for real-world applications.