International Students Club

International Students Club

Northwest Nazarene University
Aug 9, 2022
Group photo of the International Students Club

Who is involved?

30+ students and 10 faculty and staff members who are interested in sharing and learning about countries and cultures. The International Club includes students from other countries, missionary kids, international pastors’ kids and others who just want to learn more.

Students from 13 countries participated this past year, including Australia, Korea, China, Philippines, Germany, England, Guatemala, Sweden, Peru, Mexico, Lithuania, Kenya and Norway. Our missionary kids have lived in various countries as well: India, Poland, Hungary, Papua New Guinea and Canada.

What do you do?

We meet monthly throughout the academic year for international dinners that feature different cultural foods each time. Often our international students will partner with First Lady Nikki Pearsall to prepare authentic dishes from their home countries. We then meet to share the meal, enjoy each other’s company and do life together.

What's your favorite thing about the International Students Club?

It’s a great way to build community! I love seeing how it brings together people who otherwise might not have connected.

How does someone get involved?

There will be a great opportunity this fall as we work with NNU to host the first ever International New Student Orientation. We know we have several students coming from Africa Nazarene University as part of the NNU-ANU Semester Exchange program and a variety of other international students and international missionary and pastors’ kids who will be coming to NNU for the first time. We encourage everyone to come out and support and welcome these students to our incredible community! To ask questions or find out how to get involved, email Julie Barrass at