Opening Thoughts, Summer Messenger 2021

Opening Thoughts, Summer Messenger 2021

Northwest Nazarene University
Aug 20, 2021

Since 1913, students have been the reason NNU exists. Each time a student enrolls at NNU, we commit to doing all we can to faithfully steward that student through their journey of higher education. We have no greater priority than to enable each student to become God’s creative and redemptive agent in the world.

You may have heard us use a phrase that has become quite common at NNU in the last few years: Here for Good! We believe that “here” is everywhere an NNU alum, student or constituent is—it’s everywhere you are! And “good” is different here at NNU. It’s not just a little word, it’s elevated; it’s a higher good that we strive for. Together, these simple words—with their elevated meanings—are what make NNU different; they are what make NNU, NNU! 

Inside this issue, you will read articles that provide various perspectives on what we think an elevated understanding of Here for Good is all about. You’ll read of a recent alum’s journey as a student-teacher—in the middle of a pandemic—and how her elevated care provided hope and encouragement in the midst of the dark reality many in the realm of education found themselves. 

You’ll be invited to come alongside one of our NNU head coaches as she tells the story of hearing the devastating news that the baby she’s carrying has a disease that is incompatible with life and how the NNU Community is offering her elevated support along this challenging path. 

You’ll read the reflections of an NNU class of 2022 student as he shares the many elevated experiences he has had, leading him to conclude that, “NNU has provided a network and community that [he] can always call home.” And you’ll read brief reflections from several 2021 graduates as they share how their time at NNU shaped them in positive ways and prepared them well for their elevated futures.

These and other stories you’ll read demonstrate the ways in which NNU seeks to equip each of our students to understand themselves, learn about Jesus—the Truth Incarnate—and be transformed into one who will pursue Christ in the face of the challenges we encounter daily. This is evidence of an elevated approach to higher education.

Several years ago, we became familiar with the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” In our context, I’d like to suggest that it takes every member of the NNU Community for NNU to fulfill its mission of transformation. These past 18 months have been unique for all of us, but throughout those months, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: our desire for NNU to be all it can be as we serve our students and the world in an elevated way. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of NNU as we “Seek first the kingdom of God.”


Joel K. Pearsall