Wordsworth Holiness Lecture Series

Wordsworth Holiness Lecture Series

Northwest Nazarene University
Jan 28, 2019

The Office of University Mission and Ministry and the School of Theology and Christian Ministry are pleased to present an endowed lecture series with Dr. Randy L. Maddox, entitled, “Healing for Broken Lives and a Broken World.”

Dr. Maddox will speak during chapel in the Brandt Center on Wednesday, February 27 and Friday, March 1 from 10:10-10:50 a.m. He will also be sharing “A Truly Wesleyan Approach to Climate Change,” at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evening in the Brandt Center.

"Dr. Randy Maddox will bring a depth of knowledge and a winsome approach to the importance of Wesleyan theology in our churches and world,” Olivia Metcalf said. “Having him on our campus is an honor and a gift to our community. Our prayer is that this will be a rich time of growth in understanding and faith as we seek to follow Christ together."

These lectures will emphasize the importance of Wesleyan Theology and particularly help students and the broader community to grow in their understanding of Holiness theology. Dr. Maddox’s first lecture will focus on broken lives, and the second on a broken world.

Dr. Maddox is currently the William Kellon Quick Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies at the Divinity School, Duke University. His scholarly interest focuses on the theology of John and Charles Wesley and theological developments in the later Methodist/Wesleyan tradition. Dr. Maddox holds a BA from Northwest Nazarene College, an M.Div. degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in theological studies from Emory University.

Dr. Brent Peterson, Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry, added, “Dr. Maddox is the elegant combination of careful and thoughtful historical research along with an insightful and keen theological mind that is able to articulate the Wesleyan tradition into our present day culture. His work is not simply academic alone, but is done with the hope of better empowering and encouraging the church to live into the Wesleyan Spirit of hope and God's grace. Dr. Maddox's presence will continue to inspire our NNU Wesleyan passion to unite the two so long divided, knowledge and vital piety.”

For more information, please contact Dustin Metcalf at dmetcalf@nnu.edu or Olivia Metcalf at ometcalf@nnu.edu.