NNU Transfer Scholarships

NNU Transfer Scholarships

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

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NNU Transfer Scholarships

Prior to being awarded scholarships from NNU, you must apply and be accepted for admission to the University. If you have not applied to NNU, we encourage you to apply online. Your application for admission, along with the results of your FAFSA, comprise your application for scholarships at NNU.  If you do not intend to file a FAFSA, please indicate this on your admission application or contact our financial aid office to let us know.
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Academic Scholarship

This award is given to students who display excellence in their academic achievement. The academic scholarship is determined based upon your cumulative GPA from all colleges and/or universities attended. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.


Academic Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:


- NNU Transfer Academic Scholarship $10,000, GPA 3.50-4.00
- NNU Transfer Academic Scholarship $8,000, GPA 2.50-3.49
- NNU Transfer Academic Scholarship $6,000, GPA below 2.50

Phi Theta Kappa scholarship of $1,000

Phi Theta Kappa members can receive an automatic annual scholarship of $1000. Please submit Proof of Membership with your application or to your admission counselor. Find out how to get proof of Membership here. If you would like to join PTK, Please use this search to find a counselor to assist you.

NNU's Trustees' Church Matching Scholarships

NNU offers matches to some awards for eligible students who fit specific criteria as detailed below. We strongly recommend you check with your church regarding sponsorship requirements, necessary applications and submission timelines.


Trustee Matching Scholarship: A full-time student whose local church awards funds for his or her use in paying University costs will be eligible to receive matching funds on the church's initial maximum contribution of $550. This match is up to 7:1 ($4,400 annually) from Nazarene churches in the Northwest Field, and up to 4:1 ($2,750 annually) for Nazarene churches outside the Northwest Field.


The following local non-Nazarene churches receive up to a 4:1 match:


- Capital Christian Center
- Boise Calvary Chapel
- Cole Community Church
- Crossroads Community Church
- Eagle Christian Church
- All Treasure Valley Friends Churches


All other churches receive a 1:1 match (a $550 annual contribution from a church on your behalf will be matched with a $550 additional scholarship from NNU)


NNU will match a church award of up to $550 annually (divided evenly between fall and spring semester each school year), until work is completed on the first bachelor's degree for a traditional full-time undergraduate student; the maximum level of church contribution will remain at the same level it is awarded during your first year at NNU throughout this time. This scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.


NYI and Regional Main Event scholarships*: Awards given to students in recognition of excellence in various areas of talent as well as quizzing competitions within the district (NYI) and/or Region (Main Event) each year. NYI awards can be won at a local or national (Q or NYC) level.


The student should present a copy of each award to the NNU Financial Aid Office so that the scholarship(s) can be included as part of the students overall financial aid offer. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.


*The NYI and NYC/Q scholarships contain specific directions for the student to follow in order to request that the NYI portion of the funds be sent to NNU (this usually requires a written request from the student to someone within the NYI organization). Once these funds are received, NNU will match these scholarships on a 1:1 basis (up to $500 per academic year). Regional Main Event scholarships are awarded at face value.

Department Specific Scholarships

Ministerial scholarships are available through the School of Theology and Christian Ministries. These scholarships are available to students at NNU with a major and minor in the School of Theology and Christian Ministries and is a member of the Church of the Nazarene. Please visit the School of Theology and Christian Ministries webpage for more information.


Music scholarships are available for both major and non-major students, and are dependent upon an audition. Please visit the Department of Music's scholarship webpage for more information.

Pastor and Missionary Kid Grants

A reduction of tuition is available for dependent children age 24 or younger of active, full-time pastors, chaplains, evangelists or missionaries whose primary income is from this vocation. The PK/MK Grant must be applied to tuition costs and is subject to receipt of additional documentation and approval by NNU.


- Serving the Church of the Nazarene - 25% reduction of tuition
- Serving Other Denominations - 10% reduction of tuition
- Serving Mission Aviation Fellowship:
- MAF Missionary - 25% reduction of tuition
- Local MAF Staff that raises their own support - 15% reduction of tuition
- Local MAF Staff that do not raise their own support - 10% reduction of tuition

ROTC Housing Scholarship

Students actively participating in the ROTC program and who live on campus are eligible for a housing scholarship. This scholarship covers room only. In addition, a meal plan would need to be purchased. This scholarship requires enrollment in grade-level Military Science courses and approval of the military advisor after the first year.

Community Scholarships Awarded By NNU

NNU is proud to support our community and churches through other scholarships offered at events such as the Harvest Classic, various auctions to help with fundraising for schools and churches, scholarship recognition programs, and many others. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time, traditional undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.

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