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Deciding to go to grad school and getting accepted is just the beginning of an entirely new life as a student. You may ask yourself, “How can I do this?” At NNU, we don’t only want you to be successful, we want you to thrive. As a grad student, it’s helpful to know that resources are available to help equip you while you are pursuing your degree.

Academic: Worried about APA formatting and the best way to retain all the information you are learning? NNU’s writing center allows you to submit all your papers to be edited in advance. This resource has helped many students feel confident turning in their work. Another valuable resource is your professors. They are the experts! Our professors are professionally trained and are passionate about your growth. Take advantage of office hours, and don’t hesitate to send them an email or stay after class to get some clarity.

Social: Online or in the classroom, opportunities abound to connect with and build a strong sense of community within your cohort. The people sitting next to you are the ones most likely to know what you are going through. Take time to get to know your classmates. Additionally, take advantage of networking opportunities. Reach out to local professionals in your field to begin building professional relationships and hear about life on the other side of your education.

Spiritual: Every week, NNU graduate students receive a devotional from our online chaplain and an opportunity to join fellow students and faculty for a chapel service online or in person. Our goal is to encourage and equip you so you’re ready for all the challenges you may face throughout the week.

Physical: Whether you’re in Idaho or thousands of miles away, NNU makes your education accessible. Online learning options for most programs allow students to maintain ultimate work-life balance while making significant strides toward their educational goals. Make progress from any location at a time that works best with your schedule.

We are passionate about your transformation! Education at NNU is more than just classes and coursework; it’s an invitation to something greater. These resources can help you experience success holistically as you pursue your degree.