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Submitting an application is the first step and sometimes the scariest. With the fall semester quickly approaching, you may be feeling the pressure of getting your application turned in. NNU has an amazing team of admissions counselors who are excited for your journey! Here is some advice from our Director of Graduate Admissions, Toby Schmidt:

1. Know your “why!”

Make sure that your proposed goal/program lines up with your why. Think about and be able to verbalize why you are interested in a specific degree: Does it align with what you are passionate about? Does it connect to your hoped-for future position? Does it motivate you to want to invest considerable time?

2. Talk regularly with your admissions counselor and faculty members.

This is the fastest and most reliable way to know if a program lines up with your “why.” Counselors and faculty are here and available to help you fully understand the degree, to speak to the student experience and to connect you to resources to help you understand our programs.

3. Stay open!

We can think that we know the best path to achieve our goals, and that confidence is awesome! But if you are willing to remain open and flexible, counselors and faculty can work to ensure that you are on the best path to achieve your goals!

4. Take small steps of bravery.

You can’t sit down to complete your application and simultaneously think about all the potential work and time that the program as a whole will demand. Focus on the application as the next step to exploring the possibility of beginning a graduate program. It’s impossible to take all the courses for a degree at the same time, so don’t waste your time and energy worrying about the entirety of the program. Whether you are talking about completing an application or signing up for the next course, break your focus down into just that next step, or the next course and put together a plan to accomplish that one thing. It’s amazing how brave we can be when we approach even big tasks just one step at a time!

Applications can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! Get connected today!