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Testing Services

Testing Services

The Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA) supports the educational mission of NNU by providing high quality testing services in accordance with the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines and governmental regulations.

The services provided for students, faculty, staff, community members, and business partners will be consistently rendered with an attitude of service that demonstrates value for relationships, personal excellence, diversity, and commitment to lifelong learning.

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Study Guides

CASA only recommends study resources officially endorsed by the test publishers. Many other resources are available online and in print form.

LearningExpress – General guidance for testing, and guidance for specific tests. Made available FREE to students in the State of Idaho.

Khan Academy – Free resource with practice exercises and instructional videos in many subjects: math, science, history, grammar, programming, economics, and more.

Research & Education Association is recommended by frequent CLEP test takers.


The Testing Center now resides on the ground level of the Leah Peterson Learning Commons on NNU’s campus in Nampa (Room 110 Center for Academic Success and Advising). The street address is 611 E. Dewey.

Proctoring Services

CASA is available to proctor tests for a variety of students’ needs, including distance learning courses for NNU students and non-NNU students. This service is free for registered NNU students. There is a $25 proctor fee for non-NNU students. Call CASA to schedule an appointment: 208.467.8463.

CLEP Tests

NNU offers CLEP testing for college credit.

Course substitutions allowed by NNU.

Information about scheduling and studying for CLEP tests.

Try a practice exam in the Next Steps section on CLEP’s website.

Information about REA study resources for CLEP.

A $40 proctor fee is required for CLEP tests. A separate $89 fee is required by CLEP.

DSST Tests

NNU offers DSST (formerly DANTES) testing for college credit.

Course substitutions allowed by NNU.

Information about scheduling and studying for DSST tests.

See practice exams on the DSST website.

A $40 proctor fee is required for DSST tests. A separate $100 fee is required by DSST.

Residual ACT Tests

NNU offers the Residual ACT for prospective students. Residual scores can only be used by NNU; scores cannot be sent to or used by any other institution. A $75 fee is required. You must have valid ID (such as a passport, drivers license, or military ID) with you on the day of the test. A simple calculator is allowed but not required (no calculators with programmed College Algebra Systems allowed). The testing center cannot provide a calculator for you.

Call to inquire about the next available test date or to make an appointment: 208.467.8463 or studenttesting@nnu.edu.

Accuplacer Tests

NNU offers ACCUPLACER testing for Math and English proficiency and placement. For NNU students, a $10 fee per test is required. The fee for non-NNU students taking the test remotely for another school is $25.00 (voucher required). Depending on the major, NNU students will take either the Quantitative Reasoning Accuplacer or Advanced Algebra Functions Accuplacer for math placement. For English, NNU students take both the Next Generation Reading and Next Generation Writing sections.

Call CASA to schedule an appointment: 208.467.8463. Remote testing is available at other schools, but NNU students need a test voucher (generated by CASA) and the other school will charge a fee.