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Degree Completion

Degree Completion

It’s not too late to finish what you started!

Life’s twists and turns sometimes keep us from finishing what we start, and you may have felt at times like giving up on your college degree. At Northwest Nazarene University, we’ve created a distinct learning and faith community for students just like you to thrive—in a supportive environment where we all teach, challenge and encourage one another. You’re not alone in the journey to complete your degree. Connect with us and rediscover your true potential for world-changing service. It’s not too late to make your mark!

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What is a degree completion program?

A degree completion program is for you if you’ve got some college credits under your belt, but you’ve never completed a bachelor’s degree. The program puts you on the fast track to graduation when you bring in those hard-earned credits, mix them with required courses and then fill in the gaps with the classes you need to finally earn your full bachelor’s degree.

Who benefits from degree completion options?
Anyone who has started but not finished a bachelor’s degree benefits from degree completion options. This may include you if you have:

  • Transferred to a different college than the college you started in.
  • Completed an associate degree but not a bachelor’s.
  • Taken some college classes but haven’t earned a degree at all.
  • Is financial aid available for students in a degree completion program?

    At NNU, we understand that financing your education is a significant concern, especially for degree completion students. We’re committed to supporting you on your educational journey by offering various financial aid options and resources to help ease the financial burden and make your pursuit of a degree a reality.

    What will I need to be successful in completing my degree?

    Recognize that completing your bachelor’s degree in a degree completion program involves more than just financial planning—it may require adjustments to your work schedule and daily life. But you won’t go it alone. NNU’s supportive faculty and close-knit community will walk with you through every step of your academic journey, applauding your success at every turn.

    Take the Next Step

    Ready to embrace the opportunity to finish the degree you started? At NNU, we’ll help you rediscover your passion for service and provide the tools you need to make your mark in the world. Join us and start your transformative journey today!

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