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To partner with Career Development, we invite you to connect with us via Handshake, an online career development platform.

To set up or manage your Handshake profile, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Handshake.
  2. If you have already established an account, enter your username and password to log in. If not, please register using your email address connected to your organization.
  3. Complete and/or update company profile and contact information.
  4. Once your organization is approved through Career Development, you will be able to post, edit, close, or repost internships and jobs for your organization.
  5. All postings must comply with our Employer User Policy. It can take up to 48 hours for your position to post on Handshake. If any information is missing or unclear, a representative from our office will contact you for additional details.
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For Boise Valley residents, want to post an Odd Job?

Do you have a one-time, short-term, or as needed paid opportunity and want to hire a NNU student? Opportunities can include, but are not limited to, tutoring, child care, yard work, cleaning, and more. Career Development acts as a liaison between community members and students for these paid positions and posts them on Handshake. If you would like to post an odd job, please email us all relevant information (job title, specific need and any qualifications, desired day(s)/time(s), wage, and contact information).

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