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Applied & Liberal Studies

Department of Applied & Liberal Studies

NNU students live and work in a community of scholars who are committed to the transformation of the whole person. As we try to understand the truths of the world around us, we do so in the context of a Christian community. We serve as we learn, and thereby carry our knowledge out into the world and around our campus. Applied & Liberal Studies degree programs focus on students’ transformation by creating an individualized plan of study to support vast academic interests and far-reaching long term goals.

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About Applied & Liberal Studies

Students will choose a focus from across the curriculum and combine it with a liberal arts base for a unique broad-minded educational experience. Students can choose one or two of the following as their area(s)of emphasis: Applied Art, Business,Christian Ministry, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Cultural Studies, Education, Engineering, English, Kinesiology, Music, Nursing, and/or Social Work. The Applied Studies major provides students with the content, methodology, and implications of the basic areas of human knowledge, it fosters the attitude of intellectual curiosity harnessed by moral responsibility, and finally, it encourages students to think for themselves and to be able to participate in life as autonomous individuals.

Program Outcomes

Graduates with an Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Studies pursue graduate school in areas such as education, business, communication, psychology and more. This degree prepares graduates to think critically, evaluate real world problems, communicate clearly, relate with the world, and engage as citizens who display Christlike passion.