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Teaching Endorsements


For those that are already certified to teach to Idaho, NNU offers an Endorsement Only program that will allow you to add an endorsement for additional subject areas. The endorsements can only be added to an existing valid Idaho Teaching Certificate. Candidates will satisfy several requirements in order to obtain additional subject endorsement areas.

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Candidate Requirements:

  • Demonstrate content knowledge by completing at least 20 credit hours in the subject for which an endorsement is desired.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge by receiving a passing score on the Praxis Content Knowledge test for the specific endorsement.
  • Demonstrate pedagogical competency through enrollment in a subject specific methods course.
  • Demonstrate pedagogical competency through successful observations by university supervisors certified in the Danielson Framework for Teaching.
  • Certified teachers that would like to add a grade level to certification, such as adding a Secondary content area to an existing Elementary certification, there will be additional pedagogical content courses for the new grade level.

After successfully completing the above requirements Candidates may be issued an Institutional Recommendation for additional subject endorsements.

More information regarding adding a GT Endorsement: Gifted and Talented Endorsement Program

More information about the process for adding any other endorsement can be obtained by contacting the NNU Admissions at educationinfo@nnu.edu.