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Cultural Competency Program

Cultural Competency

Undergraduate Studies

NNU’s Cultural Competency Program is designed to give you the opportunity to interact in meaningful and competent ways with people from diverse backgrounds and differing world views—while simultaneously getting credit for it.

Each student must meet NNU’s general education cultural competency requirement during their time at NNU. This is achieved through designated coursework or by participating in an approved international study program.

Cultural competency courses and experiences are structured to help you build a knowledge base and/or give you direct experience with another culture. As you fulfill your cultural competency requirement, you will gain:

  • Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a cultural group different than your home culture
  • Awareness of ethnocentrism and alternative cultural views and their roles in the development of perceptions
  • Development and integration of a comprehensive worldview into your lifestyle

Current students who need more details about cross-cultural requirements and options can find it here.

Hispanic students work together at a table in the classroom