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Aldersgate Honors College

Aldersgate Honors College offers an alternative core curriculum for intellectually curious students who wish to pursue a rich and rigorous education grounded in the great texts, art and ideas of human culture. Aldersgate’s mission is to seek knowledge and beauty in order to understand what it means to flourish as humans made in the image of God. Through a study of foundational works from the ancient Greeks to the modern world, we will ponder and discuss life’s most fundamental and pressing questions in community with fellow seekers of truth. Our goal is not just to practice critical reasoning, but rather to stir the moral imagination, to think more deeply and live more deliberately, and to reawaken ourselves to what is human, what is real and what is holy.

Every Aldersgate student receives NNU’s highest academic scholarship.

For more information on Aldersgate Honors College, please write to the Director, Dr. Matt Millsap, at mmillsap@nnu.edu.