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transfer equivalency system

Transfer Equivalency System (TES)

You can use TES to determine if courses you’ve taken at another university were also offered at NNU. For example, if you took a Biology class through your local college or university and NNU has an equivalent course, we are much more likely to accept those credits when you transfer to NNU. 

TES Credits

Please note that NNU’s transfer equivalency system is not an official guide and not all credits may be accepted at NNU, even if they are found in our course equivalency system. If an equivalency does not appear, an equivalency will be determined, if possible, when your official transcripts are evaluated. All transcripts must be evaluated by NNU’s registrar for a final determination of credit acceptance and transferal.

how to use the transfer equivalency system

Step 1: Search for and find the university or college from which you plan to transfer.

Step 2: Search for courses you’ve taken and see if NNU has an equivalent course by clicking the small blue triangle next to the name of your course.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each course you’re looking to transfer.

If you need help accessing the information provided in the Transfer Equivalency System, please contact the Office of the Registrar 208.467.8618 or registrar@nnu.edu for assistance.