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Because entrance into the BSN program at NNU requires an additional application and process with its own admission requirements in addition to NNU’s admission process, it is best to visit with your admission counselor first.

In the meantime, you can find a helpful step by step process of how to apply for the BSN program below.

If you have any questions please contact Christian at 208.467.8647, by email transfer@nnu.edu or feel free to contact the nursing department at 208.467.8650.



Step One

Submit your application for admission to NNU along with your unofficial college transcripts (official transcripts will eventually be required, but unofficial transcripts can be used in the admission acceptance evaluation process).

If you meet NNU’s admission requirements, you will receive your notice of admission acceptance.*

*Please note that, although NNU has a rolling admission policy, the BSN program has specific deadlines for when your NNU acceptance must be received (see the BSN Admission Packet, page 5 for details).

Step Two

Determine if you meet the BSN program’s prerequisites.

  • The Nursing department will determine whether your prior credits meet their requirements and will then advise you on next steps or needed coursework if necessary.
  • Both the HESI and interview are requirements that would be arranged with you by the Nursing department after your NNU acceptance is given, your Nursing application is submitted, and it was determined that you meet the prerequisite course requirements.

If you meet the prerequisite requirements (including acceptance for admission to NNU) submit your BSN Application form.  The deadlines for submission are listed in the BSN Admission packet, page 5.

Continue to work on any missing admission materials and processes with your admission counselor.

Step Three

Watch for communication from the Nursing department on the status of your application and your next steps.  If you are granted admission into one of their cohorts, those next steps include:

  • Submission of official transcripts
  • Scheduling of the HESI exam and your interview
  • Attendance at any meetings prior to enrollment

Watch for important details from your admission counselor on enrollment processes and activities.

If you did not meet requirements or deadlines for the BSN cohort you desired, please continue working with both admissions and the Nursing department on finding a pathway to that goal in another cohort if possible.

Also, please know that you may still enroll at NNU to take any prerequisite or general education courses you may need, even if you did not meet the deadlines or requirements for a particular BSN cohort.  The point system used by the Nursing department in determining admission includes extra points for taking courses at NNU, so this may be of benefit for you.  The Nursing department can provide guidance and advising with this process, so be sure to keep in touch with them.

Contact Lisa in the nursing department at 208.467.8650 or lwilkes@nnu.edu for more information.