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Honorary Degree Recommendation

Honorary Degree Nominations

NNU periodically awards honorary degrees to those determined to fit the University’s criteria for such degrees. Those criteria are:

  1. Personal Character and Integrity. We desire to honor recipients who represent Northwest Nazarene University’s mission and values. With a heart, soul, and mind given to transformation, truth, community, and service, candidates will have sought to live as God’s creative and redemptive agents in the world. We seek to honor individuals who have lived in such a way that their peers, associates and those whom they have served would celebrate with us.
  2. Professional Achievement and Service. We desire to honor recipients who have demonstrated outstanding stewardship of their giftedness and have made a substantial contribution that advances their field of study, profession, church, or community. Honorees should be distinguished by their genuine and distinctive achievement.
  3. University Association. We desire to honor recipients who have a connection to Northwest Nazarene University. In the granting of an honorary degree, we understand that the individual becomes identified with the University and its broader community. With this in mind, we desire to give attention to the ways that this honor will not only reflect upon the recipient but also over time continue to reflect upon the University.

Submit your Nomination

The University invites faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to submit nominations of individuals whom they feel meet these criteria. Should you wish to nominate an individual for consideration, you may do so online.

All nominations are treated as confidential as the Northwest Nazarene University Honorary Degree Committee reviews each nomination. Following the receipt of a nomination, the Committee considers the nomination and decides whether to gather more information regarding the individual.

Consideration of an individual for an Honorary Degree often takes 6-18 months, and not all individuals nominated are ultimately awarded an honorary degree.

If anyone has specific questions regarding this process, they are welcome to contact the Committee via email at honorarydegree@nnu.edu.