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Feb 1, 2023 | News

Northwest Nazarene University was one of 37 local non-profits to receive a grant during the annual John H. & Orah I. Brandt Foundation luncheon on the NNU campus on Dec. 14, 2022. NNU received a check for $85,000. The grant will be put toward the College of Nursing expansion project as well as for scholarships for Idaho students.

This year the Brandt Foundation awarded a total of $1,240,100. Since the Brandt Foundation began distributing funds in 2000, they have given more than $9 million to local organizations engaged in primary and secondary education, economic education, charity, faith and hope.

John and Orah Brandt were community leaders in the Treasure Valley throughout their lives. Known for honesty, humility and integrity, they actively supported private and public education. The Brandts possessed an abiding Christian faith and believed in individual liberty and responsibility and the American capitalist system. They worked tirelessly, contributing their time and finances to help achieve worthwhile community endeavors.