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NNU Community

NNU Community

Authentic, Life-Shaping Relationships

One of the things our students love most about NNU is the community they have found here.

At NNU, it is impossible to truly capture “community” on a webpage because it is so many things…

What is the NNU Community?

 …it’s your professor meeting you over coffee to explore the tough spiritual questions you’ve been wrestling with

 …it’s your new friend down the hall leaving an encouraging message on your door after a long day

 …it’s a classmate offering to meet you in the Learning Commons to work on homework together

…it’s Joel (the President) smiling and greeting you by name as you pass him on the quad

Who is the NNU Community?

 …it’s the alumnus who offers you your first internship, knowing the quality of NNU students

 …it’s the upperclassman whose “been there” coming forward to pray with you during Timeout

 …it’s your advisor traveling with you to your first regional conference and encouraging you as you practice your presentation

…it’s your professor who stays long after quitting-time to help you get one step closer to completing your research project

What Defines the NNU Community?

 …it’s being invited to your professor’s house for Thanksgiving dinner when you can’t make it home

…it’s your project team laughing and learning late into the night as you work together to finalize your marketing campaign

…it’s the coach taking the time to find out how you’re really doing before starting practice

…it’s the stranger in the cafeteria who asks if they can join you at the empty table

…it’s the chaplains checking in to see how the final you were worried about went

Community is the heart of NNU

It’s the lifelong relationships

that you make in everyday interactions that shape who you are and who you will become. Schedule a visit and get to know the NNU community.