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Janette Kurz

Violin Instructor

Biography: A native of Bulgaria, Janette Kurz started her professional violin career at age five. At age eight, she won the Bulgarian National Championship in the adult division, and at nine, she became the youngest student in the Bulgarian State Music Academy. Janette toured Europe as a child prodigy, winning competitions in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. She graduated from the Sofia Music Academia with an MA in Performance and Teaching and held her first Professorship of Violin in the Sofia Music Conservatory while continuing to tour internationally. Janette performed in several TV series, including Columbo and Disney’s Jet Jackson, in Disney’s motion picture Fantasia 2000 and worked with Sony Pictures and Universal Studios. She has performed live with Smokey Robinson, Michael W. Smith and the Pacific Symphony of Orange County, California. She also recorded the music for several albums of The Moody Institute and is currently a member of the Boise Philharmonic.