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Kendra Lubiens

Director of Brand Stewardship

Biography: Kendra’s introduction to the business world came through her employment at a Hallmark store, stocking greeting cards and arranging display windows in high school. She’s an NNU Church Music graduate with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. Using her interest in music and youth, she traveled three summers for the University as a student PR member, making contact with Northwest churches and enjoying the energy and activities of youth camps and abroad with Northwesterners. After graduation, she worked for the University as an Admissions Counselor covering the Rocky Mountain and Northwest districts, and eight years later moved to the School of Business in sales and marketing. Kendra loves coffee and chose the challenge of starting and owning a coffee shop for 9 years, a clever way to help satisfy her coffee addiction. Ninety percent of her shop employees were NNU students. For eight years, she was a co-leader for worship at NNU’s neighboring church, Nampa College Church. Living in Uganda for three months while working through the challenging process of adopting a daughter was the fulfillment of a childhood dream and is her constant joy. She has discovered a new love of roaming the Cotswold countryside in England. She’s energized by the challenge of making a space feel refreshing and hospitable. Her life’s reflective and influential words are: daughter, family, friendships, journaling, downpour, dark coffee, minimalistic décor, distant journeys and designing spaces.

Fun Fact: I owned a coffee shop for 9 years. 

Favorite Thing About Working at NNU: The place, the people, the community. A place where we genuinely value each other and continue to grow together.