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Ryan Bidinger

Video Services Manager

Biography: Unlike most videographers, Ryan started his career pursuing a degree and occupation in aviation. He served in the military for four years after briefly studying Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. A job in technical support led him to a role in product management developing home automation products, surveillance cameras and outdoor security lighting. Winning a drone while working a tradeshow in 2016 revealed a passion for videography. Within a year of starting his aerial video business, he filmed his first commercial with another production company in the Treasure Valley. Ryan was hired by NNU full-time only a few years later. He says he’s never been happier using the talents God had given him and the team he works with. Ryan graduated from Mid-America Christian University (Oklahoma) with a B.A. in Business Management & Ethics. Prior to NNU, in addition to managing his business, he taught mathematics and a variety of computer courses at CWI. He also taught English to kids in China (remotely). When the camera’s packed away, Ryan likes to spend quality time with his wife of 7 years and tiny King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Maybeline. You can see him driving around campus in his baby blue 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit. Owning an older home is his newfound joy. During the camping season, you can find him exploring the beautiful mountains of Idaho.

Fun Fact: One time I found a $50 bill while snorkeling in Maui. I had to dive three times to reach it and avoid an eel.

Favorite Thing About Working at NNU: Sharing all the stories in a meaningful way to help others know what a great place NNU is to be.