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Stephen Morgan

Associate Professor of World History

Biography: Stephen Morgan lived in a number of states when he was young, but mostly grew up in Indiana. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame in 2015 and has been at NNU since 2017. Stephen’s academic interests include the intersection of religion and politics, modern German history and Europe’s colonial empires. His specific area of research is Germany’s African colonial empire. His article, “Christian Conversion and Colonial ‘Native Policy’: The Role of Missionaries in Formulating Reservation Policy in German Southwest Africa” was recently published in Central European History (53:1, December 2020). At NNU he teaches a wide variety of courses spanning from the history of the ancient world to modern Europe.

Fun Fact: I am an avid bread and pastry baker.

Favorite Thing About Working at NNU: Being able to teach small classes and lead stimulating discussions with students about historical topics is a very exciting thing!

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