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Stephen Parke

Professor of Engineering; Program Director (ABET Accreditation)

Biography: Dr. Parke has been with NNU since the 2010 startup of its BS Engineering program. Dr. Parke is passionate about preparing young engineers for a lifetime of Christ-centered service to society. He has led many teams of students in compassionate humanitarian engineering projects to third-world countries such as Kenya, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Guatemala and Myanmar. These project teams have delivered innovative engineering solutions for clean water, education and renewable energy and created new relationships and life experiences. The 2021 ABET Evaluation of NNU’s program stated “The faculty and students combine to provide a highly enthusiastic learning environment consistent with their strong commitment in a Christ-centered program. Beyond the usual ensemble of senior projects that deal with designs of local interest, this program features one culminating design project each year that focuses on humanitarian needs as missions to third-world countries. Typically, the student team travels to the site for installation of the project deliverables. The excitement generated by these humanitarian design projects is contagious in promoting student commitment to the program.” Following a 14-year career at IBM Microelectronics, Dr. Parke has been teaching electrical engineering (microelectronics focus) for 28 years (previously at Boise State and Tennessee Tech). He has advised over 2500 undergrad students and also many grad students. He is active in IEEE Electron Devices Society in Education and Humanitarian Activities.