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Mar 10, 2023 | News

My name is Viola. I am a woman of African descent. I am currently a doctoral student at Northwest Nazarene University, a higher education Wesleyan Christian institution. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend a Christian university. Choosing to go to NNU was a great decision.

After I completed my bachelor’s degree, I started seeking opportunities to pursue my career with God’s guidance. I wanted to do so at an institution that integrates my passions and my faith and would give guidance to professionals/students who are not only seeking their passions but seeking passion with purpose to offer their fruits to the Treasure Valley and beyond. I learned that NNU is an institution that helps professionals integrate their faith in Christ into my career to ensure the best patient care and service provision.

When I began my search for a graduate institution that would foster my needs and provide me with the best education, I found that NNU had a unique way of standing out. I was attracted to the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) program chaired by Dr. List. Like many other undergraduate and graduate programs, the Psy.D. program has a wonderful community. I chose NNU for its sense of community, challenging education and support. The Psy.D. program is run by truly dedicated professionals who, from the day I started enquiring to date, have demonstrated nothing but kindness, timelines and a desire to propel students to become the next generation of leaders. NNU offers services in such a timely manner it exceeded my expectations.

I have enjoyed the great warmth that comes with being at NNU. Members of NNU value living together as a community, and I am surrounded by students that seek and are eager to work together. This allows and encourages me to be more curious and make more connections; to ask questions. This can only make the educational experience enriching and engaging.

The values a Christian institution has are very useful for professionals learning the ethics of holding themselves to a standard of care. I am looking forward to being transformed over the time I have here, to be a passionate, purposeful professional exemplary when I get done.

NNU has the most giving and supportive staff. They ensure that students are cared for and supported in their quest for education. The faculty members are engaging with an amazing work ethic. The Psy.D. program has a licensed and practicing neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist and psycho-pharmacologists. Being a young woman from a different situation in my village, I am inspired by the work ethic displayed by my female teachers.

One of the main reasons I chose NNU was that I wanted to learn from the best professionals. I wanted to change the narrative of my life as a young woman who has come this far only by God’s grace. Given where I am coming from, my lack of resources and my inability to afford education, this was a difficult decision to make. I am grateful I am at getting transformative education in a supportive and God-fearing community. I still have moments of anxiety about being at NNU because of tuition and other costs. I often remind myself of the positive side of attending; that this is where my niche is and that God watches over me all the time.

Viola Nhapi, Ph.D.

Viola Nhapi is a refugee from Zimbabwe who enrolled in NNU’s Doctor of Clinical Psychology program in August 2022. She is excited to integrate her faith with her career to provide the best patient care she can as she lives out NNU’s mission to be God’s creative and redemptive agent in the world.

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