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Feb 8, 2024 | News

Late January 2024, Northwest Nazarene University sponsored the Reception for Legislators, hosted by the Idaho Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (IACTE). The event was designed to build communication and relationships between university-based educator preparation programs and Idaho legislators.

“NNU was honored to sponsor the IACTE Reception for Idaho Legislators this year,” said LoriAnn Sanchez, Dean of the College of Education. “The reception was a huge success, with over 30 legislators in attendance, including Senator David Lent, Senate Education Committee Chair; Debbie Critchfield, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Greg Wilson, Chief of Staff, Idaho Department of Education; TJ Bliss, Chief Academic Officer, Idaho State Board of Education; and Matt Reiber, Policy Advisor on Education, Office of the Governor. This is just the beginning as we continue to partner with our legislators to provide Idaho with exceptionally well-prepared teachers for Idaho students across our state.”

The Idaho Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (IACTE) is a collaborative network of representatives from Idaho’s regionally accredited colleges and universities with state-approved educator preparation programs. Education faculty leaders from Idaho universities communicated the importance of quality teacher preparation programs for Idaho’s students and the future of the state to the legislators present.