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Business Administration (STEP)

Bachelor of Science

A business administration degree can launch your professional career, setting you apart from the competition. Whether you already have some college credit or are just starting your bachelor’s degree program, the STEP program is designed to help you achieve your educational and career goals. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to supporting you every step of the way, offering personalized attention that distinguishes NNU from other institutions. Our transparent pricing allows you to plan your education responsibly and affordably.

While there are many business schools and business administration programs available, we invite you to see how a bachelor's degree from NNU stands out from the rest.
  • PAY $425 PER CREDIT for as many credits as you need
  • 16 MONTHS MINIMUM to complete your degree
  • 51 CREDITS make up the business major
  • ONLINE DELIVERY for your convenience

Make Your Mark with a Business Administration Degree

Earn a business administration degree online at Northwest Nazarene University and make your mark in the business world. Our STEP accelerated bachelor’s degree program is perfect for busy students, with online classes lasting just seven weeks. We prioritize your success, offering personalized scheduling and support to help you take control of your college experience. Our dedicated professors and staff are here to guide you, providing the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

degree details

Bachelor of Science

Offered Online & On-Campus

$425 per credit, $150 per semester technology fee

The Benefits of Our Business Administration Program

  • NNU’s College of Business is internationally accredited by ACBSP, which means that this international organization regularly evaluates NNU’s programs.
  • To maintain ACBSP accreditation, the College of Business must constantly assess, evaluate and improve our programs.
  • NWCCU is our regional accreditor.
  • Professors who teach in our programs have professional experience in accounting and business and use that experience to inform and inspire their teaching.
  • Faculty and staff are available to support students and willing to take the extra time to help each student succeed.
  • Our STEP program has been training professionals for over 25 years and has a reputation for producing informed and ethical leaders.
  • Recognized as a Top 60 International Business College in 2021 by University HQ

Our Goals for Business Administration Students

  • Develop and grow into an ethical servant leader who can be a part of helping transform society
  • Learn a robust and scholarly curriculum rooted in the liberal arts tradition
  • Engage in activities that foster transformation and facilitate the development of relevant skills in the contemporary business environment
  • Cultivate activities that promote transformation and relevant skills
  • Participate in activities within the community through service to others
  • Learn to apply concepts from business ethics, social responsibility, workplace respect and biblical principles

Additional Business Administration Program Info

Personalized Process
Every student is unique, and every student’s path to degree completion will also be unique. We know our students—their backgrounds, goals and life circumstances—and work with them to create an education plan that suits their needs. When you join the STEP program, you’ll receive this individualized attention and see the difference it makes in your career.

Our friendly and helpful advisors are here to assist you every step of the way—whether you have a question about how to submit a paper online or want to know which classes you should register for. One of NNU’s core values is community, and we seek to represent that to our students—both on-campus and online.

Application Requirements

The following comprises our application packet:

  • Online application
  • Official copies of transcripts from any previous institutions
  • High school transcripts if transferring fewer than 28 credits

Consideration for acceptance is based on the following criteria:

  • High School Diploma or GRE
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in previous college work or 2.5 in high school for standard admission; provisional admission may be granted on a case-by-case basis to individuals with less than a 2.0 GPA
  • Evidence of competency in English language and math (prerequisite courses may be taken for students who do not meet this requirement)
  • Review of documents in the application packet
  • Approval from the Graduate and Adult Admissions Office

Note that STEP students in the College of Business do not have to sign an NNU Lifestyle Covenant—this requirement is waived to promote diversity in our online degree programs. Professors and staff support the NNU Lifestyle Covenant but seek to welcome all races, religions and lifestyles. Please see our Statement of Faith to learn more about NNU’s religious affiliation.

Sample Cost Breakdown

ctual costs will vary

$425 per credit (estimate for 60 credits) $25,500
Business books with Cengage Unlimited $250
Application Fee $50
Graduation $75
Technology Fee ($150 per semester) $750
Sample Total $26,625
The options for a career in business administration include human resources, labor statistics, business management, sales manager, project manager, business owner, financial manager and more.

Career Paths for Business Administration Graduates

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business administration are in high demand in today’s job market. With a degree in business administration, you can pursue various career paths, from management consulting to financial analysis. This field offers versatility and excitement, with finance, healthcare, marketing and human resources opportunities.

General and Operations Managers

Management Analysts

Management Occupations

Healthcare Manager

Meet Our Faculty

Looking back through my college experience, the professors have really equipped me with knowledge and information that I’m able to take and use in my future career, especially through hands-on experience.

Natalie Knauf

BA Communications and Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions About NNU’s Business Administration Degree

NNU’s business administration program offers personalized attention and support to meet the unique needs of every student. Our strong sense of community is reflected in our dedicated advisors. Join us in pursuing your career goals and achieving success on your terms.

What can I expect to learn in the business administration degree program at Northwest Nazarene University?

At Northwest Nazarene University, our business administration degree program is a captivating discovery, growth and transformation journey. Imagine yourself embarking on an educational adventure beyond textbooks, diving deep into the dynamic business world.

Our program delves into accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics. Picture yourself unraveling complex financial statements, designing innovative marketing strategies and steering organizations with effective resource management.

Our curriculum in business administration covers vital skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication. As you navigate through our program, these skills become second nature, empowering you to tackle challenges and articulate your ideas confidently and clearly.

At the heart of our program lies our commitment to ethical leadership. We believe in molding business leaders who are successful, responsible and ethical decision-makers. Engage in stimulating discussions about business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices that will shape your career outlook and perspective on doing business.

Take a step further and immerse yourself in real-world scenarios through internships, case studies, project management and business projects. These opportunities bring your learning to life, providing a glimpse into the vibrant business landscape.

So, are you ready for a transformative journey that prepares you for more than just a business career? At NNU, we’re excited to guide you toward becoming a leader of integrity and service.

What type of student support is available for business administration majors?

At Northwest Nazarene University, we believe in fostering a warm, supportive environment that nurtures your academic journey. As a business administration major, you’ll find many resources to help you thrive.

Firstly, our faculty is your most valuable resource. Picture these experienced professionals as mentors, guiding you with their industry insights, business knowledge and academic expertise. They are there to instruct and inspire, challenge and support you as you navigate the exciting world of business.

Beyond the classroom, you’ll discover an array of academic resources. Our Academic Success & Advising (CASA) is a haven where you can access tutoring services, writing assistance and study skills workshops. Imagine a place where you can strengthen your understanding of complex business concepts, polish your assignments or hone your study techniques—all under one roof.

But we don’t just focus on academics. At NNU, we understand that your well-being is crucial to your success. Our Counseling Services are available to provide emotional support, while our Career Development team is ready to help you chart your professional path. Visualize yourself exploring potential career paths, preparing for job interviews or discovering internship opportunities with their guidance.

Being part of the NNU community also means you’ll never walk alone. You’ll be surrounded by fellow students who share your passion, faculty who care about your journey and alumni who continue to be part of the NNU family.

NNU offers a holistic support system that empowers you to excel in your business administration studies and beyond.

What career opportunities are available to program graduates?

Embark on a journey with Northwest Nazarene University’s business administration degree program and open the door to a world brimming with exciting career opportunities. Your voyage with us is not just an academic expedition but a transformative experience that shapes your professional future.

Envision yourself stepping into diverse roles across various industries. With a solid foundation in business disciplines, graduates find themselves well-equipped for finance, marketing, human resources and operations management careers. Picture yourself as a financial analyst, untangling the intricacies of financial markets, or a marketing manager, crafting strategies that capture hearts and minds.

Our program also breeds entrepreneurs. Dream of launching your own startup? Our curriculum, rich in entrepreneurial principles, sets you on the path to turn your business ideas into reality. Imagine your venture taking flight, contributing to economic growth and creating jobs.

For those drawn to the non-profit sector, our program’s emphasis on ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility prepares you to make a difference. See yourself leading a non-profit organization, channeling resources towards meaningful causes and positively impacting society.

In the realm of business administration degrees and academia, some graduates choose to delve deeper into the fascinating world of business by pursuing advanced degrees. Picture yourself as a researcher, uncovering new insights or an educator, inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

The business administration degree program at NNU is a passport to many career paths. As you journey with us, rest assured that our warm, supportive community is with you every step of the way.

How does NNU prepare students for success in their chosen career paths?

At Northwest Nazarene University’s College of Business, we believe in nurturing competent business professionals and ethical servant leaders who can illuminate the global society for the kingdom of Christ. Imagine embarking on a journey where education goes beyond textbooks, transforming you into an agent of change.

Our robust business curriculum, deeply rooted in the liberal arts tradition, covers a broad spectrum of contemporary business subjects. Envision yourself delving into the realms of accounting, economics, finance, management, business administration online and much more, guided by traditional and innovative teaching methods.

But the transformation doesn’t stop there. Forge relevant skills for today’s business environment as you traverse our courses, evolving into a team player, a critical thinker, a persuasive communicator and a decisive leader. You will learn to master and apply these critical thinking skills in real-world scenarios.

We also believe in learning beyond the classroom. Our program encourages you to step into the community and embody the principles of business ethics, social responsibility and workplace respect. Visualize yourself making a difference by translating these principles into action, inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At NNU, your journey is uniquely yours. We understand your individuality and tailor your education plan accordingly. Our friendly advisors are your companions, ready to guide you at every turn. Whether you’re part of our on-campus family or online community, you’ll experience the warmth and camaraderie that form the heart of NNU.

NNU’s business administration degree program prepares you for more than a successful career. It equips you to be a transformative force in your chosen path.