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Bachelor of Arts

The Digital Media degree is an interdisciplinary major geared toward giving students a broad platform for the ever-changing environment of media communication. This program will develop students’ skills in web, video, audio, design and writing.

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  • ACCESSIBLE PROFESSORS and staff allow for support in each course
  • A COMPLETION TIMEFRAME of 18+ months
  • ATTENTION TO ESSENTIAL SKILLS for remaining current in the field

About Digital Media

NNU’s Digital Media arts degree is geared toward giving students a broad platform for the ever-changing environment of media communication. This major will live under the Department of Art & Design and work closely with the Departments of Business; Communication Studies; Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies; Mathematics and Computer Science; and Music.

The Digital Media major is rooted in teaching students about the evolving art of digital media. Students will have the creative freedom to customize their major by selecting two concentrations. The Department of Visual Arts provides many hands-on opportunities for students to exercise and apply their learned skills throughout their time at NNU.


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Bachelor of Arts

Offered On Campus

Additional Information About the Digital Media Degree

Areas of Concentration
Choose from two areas of concentration:

  • Animation
  • Audio Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • New Media
  • Storytelling
  • Video and Film
  • Visual Culture Studies
  • Web Development
  • Writing


Career Opportunities
By pursuing a career with a Digital Media degree, students may be able to find employment as a:

  • video editor
  • copywriter
  • social media manager
  • digital artist
  • content producer
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Related Career Paths

In today’s ever-changing technological world, there is high demand for skilled individuals who can create and edit information through a variety of media platforms. Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan area occupational employment and wage estimates for the Boise area are sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations

Meet Our Faculty

It’s a really unique experience to get to customize your major to your specific aspirations as much as you can with Digital Media. The professors in the art department are awesome! They are always there to push your creativity to the next level, while giving you the tools to make things you can be proud of.
Jenna Winters

BA Digital Media