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Bachelor of Arts

The philosophy major is for students who want to be seriously involved in philosophic study either as a primary discipline or as foundational work for related studies. Graduates will be prepared for, and able to pursue, graduate work in philosophy, ethics, religion, law, and related fields.

  • Work closely with faculty mentors.
  • Students often pursue, graduate work in philosophy, ethics, religion, or law.
  • Develop analytic and writing skills that are valuable in all disciplines.

About Philosophy

The philosophy major is a classical liberal arts degree that introduces students to the breadth of human thought through history, classical and contemporary approaches to life’s perennial questions, and the essential tools for human reasoning. It can be easily added to another major or taken as a stand-alone major. It is also an excellent major for students who desire further education through graduate studies in philosophy, ethics, or law.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion serves both general students and departmental majors. Graduates of the Department will be able to enter a variety of fields. Those who major in philosophy will be prepared for graduate work in philosophy, ethics, religion, law, and related fields. Those who pursue academic programs focused on ministry preparation may pursue pastoral or lay ministries according to their calling and choice of minor, as well as graduate work in religion.

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Bachelor of Arts

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My professors are more like friends to me. I can go to them not only academically or professionally and ask help about art or design or photography, but I could go to them and talk about life problems I’m having. And they’re very invested in every student that comes through their doors which I really admired about them.

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