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Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Bachelor of Arts

This interdisciplinary field of study combines the finest aspects of political science, philosophy and economics to give students a thorough understanding of the world around them. The PPE major teaches you to think critically about real-world issues and solve complex problems by delving deep into the intersection of philosophy, politics and economics. By the end of your studies, you’ll have developed a range of analytical, research and communication skills that can serve you well in any career path.

From studying political institutions to social norms, the vast majority of PPE students use these three subjects for their career advancement.
  • RIGOROUS interdisciplinary focus on real-world issues
  • BROAD career options from a multidisciplinary field of study
  • GLOBAL relevance from a Christian worldview

Know Transformation and Belonging: Study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at NNU

If you’re looking for a degree that will prepare you for a career in business, government, law or even non-governmental organizations, NNU’s Politics, Philosophy and Economics major is an excellent choice. This interdisciplinary program combines the study of politics, philosophy and economics to give students a broad understanding of how these fields overlap and interact. Not only will you gain invaluable critical thinking and analysis skills, but you’ll also be ready for graduate work or managerial positions in various fields. Take a step toward the enriching fields of philosophy, politics and economics at NNU!

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Bachelor of Arts

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The Benefits of a Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Degree

  • Gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the relationships between political, philosophical and economic systems
  • Be better prepared to take on managerial positions in varied fields such as business, industry, government, agencies and non-governmental organizations
  • Small class sizes and expert faculty provide individualized attention and mentorship opportunities
  • Develop strong analytical, research and communication skills through a Christian worldview
  • Develop highly sought-after critical thinking, communication and research skills
  • Participate in impactful internships and study abroad programs
  • Have the ability to make a positive change in the world
  • Receive faculty instruction and support on the path to achieving your dreams

Our Goals and Outcomes for Politics, Philosophy and Economics Majors

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex intersections between political science, philosophy and economics
  • Develop critical thinking and communication skills that are highly valued in many different fields
  • Become equipped with the essential knowledge and tools to impact the world positively
  • After graduation, benefit from internship opportunities, study abroad programs and career paths
  • Learn to think analytically and solve complex problems
  • Develop leadership and integrity with principles of teamwork and ethics applicable to many careers

Additional Information About the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program

What You'll Learn

The Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) major is an interdisciplinary field that integrates studies in political science, philosophy and economics. By pursuing a degree in PPE, students acquire the skills needed for managerial roles in various sectors, such as business, government, agencies and non-governmental organizations, and prepare for law school or further graduate studies in these disciplines. This diverse program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and interconnections between politics, philosophy and economics, enabling them to thrive in various professional endeavors.

NNU’s Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree offers students a comprehensive understanding of the intricate connections between politics, philosophy and economics while fostering critical and analytical thinking skills to tackle complex issues. The PPE program encompasses an array of courses in political science, philosophy and economics, complemented by valuable opportunities such as internships and study abroad programs. Pursuing a PPE major, students cultivate vital critical thinking, communication and research skills that apply to diverse career paths. These highly coveted skills empower graduates to make a meaningful and positive impact in the modern world.

By pursuing a career with a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree, students may be able to find employment in:

  • Law
  • Management
  • Foreign service
  • Politics
  • Consulting
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Journalism
  • Public administration
  • International business
  • Teaching
  • Public relations
  • Industry
  • Public policy
Course Requirements
Do you want a program that challenges you to think critically and prepares you for a variety of career paths? Our interdisciplinary approach to these three areas gives students unique insights and perspectives.

As a PPE student, you will take courses in the three disciplines, including Political Theory, Philosophy of Law and International Political Economy. Our program allows you to tailor your education to your interests and goals, with opportunities for internships, research projects and study abroad experiences. Join us in the PPE program and become equipped to make an impact in your chosen field.

The career paths are as broad as the topic of study, including public service, advocating for climate change, game theory, history, sociology and ethics.

Career Paths for PPE Degree Graduates

The versatility of your degree means you have an array of career paths to choose from. Whether you’re interested in law, management, foreign service, politics, consulting, NGOs, journalism, public administration, international business, teaching, public relations or industry, your PPE degree could be the perfect launchpad.


Policy/Economic Analyst

Business Management

Nonprofit Program Manager

Meet Our Faculty

NNU has prepared me in so many ways that I never thought possible to achieve my future goals. From learning to build logical arguments, think on my feet and be a more confident public speaker, [NNU] has given me an abundance of skills that I hope to utilize throughout my future career as a criminal trial lawyer.

Kedrick Glinski

Political Science & Financial Economics Double-Major, Communication Minor

Frequently Asked Questions About a PPE Degree at NNU

Know transformation and belonging at Northwest Nazarene University! For students who have questions about studying philosophy, politics and economics in an interdisciplinary major at NNU, we have compiled these commonly asked questions.

What type of career opportunities does a PPE degree from NNU open up?

A Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree from Northwest Nazarene University is a gateway to exciting career opportunities. This interdisciplinary degree prepares you for a wide range of professional paths, enabling you to make a significant impact in diverse fields and sectors.

Imagine yourself shaping the future of law, using your keen understanding of politics and ethics to advocate for justice and fairness. Picture yourself as a leader in management, where your economic expertise can drive businesses towards success. Envision your role in foreign service, leveraging your knowledge of international relations to foster global cooperation.

With a PPE degree, doors open to political careers where you can influence policy and effect change. Consulting roles beckon, offering the chance to provide strategic advice to organizations. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) could benefit from your insights into social issues and public policy.

Your PPE degree can lead to a dynamic career in journalism, where you can inform and enlighten the public on critical issues. Or perhaps a career in public administration or international business beckons, where your comprehensive understanding of political philosophy, political institutions and economics philosophy is highly valued.

Teaching opportunities exist for those who wish to inspire the next generation with the wisdom of PPE. Careers in public relations and social sciences are perfect for those looking to build strong relationships between organizations and their audiences. A PPE degree also opens pathways to careers in industry and public policy.

At NNU, our PPE program equips students with a robust foundation in political theory, economic principles and philosophical thought, preparing them for many career opportunities. Embrace the transformative power of a PPE degree and let NNU guide you towards a fulfilling career.

How does the interdisciplinary nature of a PPE degree benefit students?

At Northwest Nazarene University, our Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree program is a tapestry of knowledge, interweaving the threads of political thought, philosophy and economics into a rich and comprehensive understanding of the world. This interdisciplinary approach is more than an academic exercise—it’s a transformative journey that empowers you to change the world positively.

The PPE program at NNU is like a compass guiding you through the interconnected landscapes of political, philosophical and economic systems. With this holistic perspective, you’ll be better prepared to navigate diverse fields such as business, industry, government, agencies and non-governmental organizations.

In our intimate class settings, expert faculty act as your mentors, providing individualized attention and guidance. They are like lighthouses, illuminating your path toward achieving your dreams. You’re not just another face in the crowd at NNU—you’re a valued member of our vibrant learning community.

Our PPE program cultivates strong analytical, research and communication skills, all within a Christian worldview. It’s like equipping you with a toolbox filled with highly sought-after skills employers value. You’ll learn to dissect complex issues, conduct thorough research and articulate your ideas effectively.

Beyond the classroom, you can participate in impactful internships and study abroad programs. These experiences are like stepping stones, enabling you to apply your knowledge in real-world contexts and gain invaluable insights.

A PPE degree from NNU is more than a credential—it’s a beacon of enlightenment that opens doors to myriad career opportunities and empowers you to make a difference. Embark on this transformative journey and let NNU guide you towards a fulfilling future.

What types of unique courses are offered in this major?

Immerse yourself in a vibrant, intellectual journey with the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) major at Northwest Nazarene University. Our program is a kaleidoscope of knowledge, offering unique courses that provide rich insights into the interconnected realms of political science, philosophy and economics.

As a PPE student at NNU, you’ll traverse the landscape of political theory, delve into the depths of the philosophy of law and navigate the complex currents of international political economy. These are not just courses but stepping stones to becoming a well-rounded scholar equipped to significantly impact your chosen field. By studying these three areas concurrently, we equip students with a multifaceted understanding of how political, philosophical and economic systems intersect and influence each other.

At NNU, we believe in tailoring your education to your interests and goals. Whether it’s an internship that offers real-world experience, a research project that deepens your understanding or a study abroad experience that broadens your horizons, our PPE program opens doors to many opportunities.

Our PPE program is more than an academic endeavor. It’s a journey of discovery, a quest for knowledge and a launchpad for your future. Join us at NNU, and let the unique courses in our PPE program illuminate your path to success.

What specific skills will I learn as a PPE student at NNU studying philosophy, politics and economics?

Embarking on a journey as a Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) student at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) is like stepping into a treasure trove of knowledge, where you’ll uncover the invaluable skills that lie at the heart of these three interconnected disciplines.

From the moment you delve into PPE, you’ll begin to develop the intellectual tools that will empower you to navigate your future career path. Just as an artist hones their craft, you’ll refine your critical thinking skills, learning to dissect complex issues and understand them from multiple perspectives.

Communication is the bridge that connects ideas to the world, and at NNU, we help you construct this bridge. As a PPE student, you’ll learn to articulate your thoughts effectively in negotiation, persuasion or convey complex concepts.

Research is the compass that guides you through the vast landscape of knowledge. We’ll equip you with the research skills to delve deep into topics, critically analyze information and draw meaningful conclusions.

The skills you cultivate as a PPE student are not confined to the classroom—they are highly valued in many fields. Whether you envision yourself in business, industry, government, agencies, non-governmental organizations or law school, your PPE degree is a launchpad for success.

At NNU, studying PPE is more than just an academic pursuit. It’s a transformative journey that equips you with the skills to make a positive impact in the world. Let this journey begin at NNU.