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Bachelor of Science

NNU’s Wildlife Biology and Ecology (Bachelor of Science) degree offers students specific knowledge and skills that will prepare them to conduct scientific research in the fields of biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, or other ecological specialties or to pursue graduate school.

  • SUMMER research opportunities.
  • WORK CLOSELY with faculty mentors.
  • OBTAIN practical skills and understanding a variety of biological science subjects.

Wildlife Biology and Ecology

More than any point in recorded history, Earth is in a human-caused biodiversity crisis that requires purposeful action. The loss of species and habitat is well documented and the need to prepare creative and redemptive agents who are skillfully trained to serve in the disciplines of biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, and ecological specialties is great.

NNU’s Wildlife Biology and Ecology Bachelor of Science degree offers students specific knowledge and skills that will prepare them to successfully become a “traditional” wildlife and conservation biologist often working for an agency (Federal or State), a consulting firm or an NGO (non-governmental organization). These students want to do the science-end of wildlife such as collecting, analyzing and communicating data. The knowledge and skills students will acquire with this degree include the practical use of Geographic Information Systems, population modeling/management, greater understanding of ecological principles, and improved breadth of plant and animal identification.

Many of our graduates who earn a BS in Wildlife Biology and Ecology further their studies in a graduate program.

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Bachelor of Science

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I chose the program for both the research opportunities and the international travel to exotic destinations. Hearing about the opportunity to accompany professors to locations such as Costa Rica to conduct research and trek through rainforests in search of amphibians plus whatever else you encounter was the major selling point for me!
Adam Stallings

Wildlife Biology and Ecology