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NNU’s bachelor’s degree in Biology is a multidisciplinary degree focusing on broad biology fundamentals with a choice of emphasis in cellular and molecular biology, ecology and biodiversity biology, pre-medical biology, or general biology. These areas of study are ideal for biology major students pursuing careers in various medical and research fields. To ensure the student’s education includes much more than a textbook, NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs and offer summer research opportunities with professor-student collaboration.

student at fume hood in chem lab. Biology majors can pursue careers in medical school, marine biology, life sciences, and more.
  • Concentrations in general biology and pre-medical
  • NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs
  • Summer research opportunities

About Biology BS

Elevate your passion for science and nature to new heights with a biology major from Northwest Nazarene University. This Bachelor of Science degree in Biology is designed to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary education, with concentrations in cellular and molecular biology, ecology and biodiversity biology, and pre-medical or general biology. With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning through lab work, NNU professors provide students with a holistic approach to understanding the principles of biology. NNU aims to empower you in your God-given talents and aptitudes to know your worth and make a difference in your community.

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About Biology BA

NNU’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology is a multidisciplinary degree focusing on broad biology fundamentals. To make sure the student’s education includes much more than a textbook, NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs and offer summer research opportunities with professor-student collaboration. This degree is ideal for students pursuing biological related careers upon graduation

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Bachelor of Science

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Benefits of Pursuing a Biology Major

  • Comprehensive and multidisciplinary education with an emphasis on hands-on learning
  • Concentrations in cellular and molecular biology, ecology and biodiversity biology, pre-medical or general biology
  • Develop life-long skills in science, engineering and research that you can use to build the career you’ve always dreamed of
  • Feel empowered as you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to positively impact your community
  • Summer research opportunities with professor-mentorship

Our Goals for Biology Majors

  • Students will become comfortable using modern technology to communicate more effectively.
  • Participants gain a deep understanding of natural phenomena and apply it to various scientific endeavors, enabling accurate comprehension, utilization, control and prediction of natural processes for an improved quality of life.
  • NNU biology graduates integrate scholarship, faith and service. They engage with a community of scholars, fostering personal, spiritual, professional and social interactions that express the Lord’s redeeming grace.
  • Students will be prepared to excel in their discipline and be compassionate community members.
  • NNU Biology graduates will demonstrate logical, analytical and independent thinking about scientific principles.
  • Graduates will acquire an informational framework for decision-making in areas such as nutrition, health, community policy and law.
  • Graduates who receive a biology degree from NNU will be able to collect and analyze scientific data and then integrate and prepare the data into professionally acceptable written and oral forms.

Concentrations For Biology Major

General Biology
The General Biology concentration will prepare you for graduate school or an entry-level position in biology. With this concentration, you will have the flexibility to tailor the courses you take to your specific interests in the field.
Students planning to pursue a career in medicine (veterinary, dental, physician assistant and medical schools) will be well prepared with the Pre-Medical concentration. Offering a solid academic foundation through a Christian lens, this program of study will help you prepare for the challenging and dynamic future of medicine. Be sure to check the degree page for Pre-Medical for more information about this program.
Wildlife Biology
field or conservation biology or for graduate school. You’ll study under faculty who are active in field research and who have connections around the globe. Be sure to check the degree page for Wildlife Biology for more information about this program.
students in lab coats and PPE putting samples in pipettes. Graduate degrees from biology programs open pathways to many careers.

Career Paths for Biology Majors

Biology majors have diverse career options, ranging from healthcare and research to biotechnology and environmental science. They can become doctors, biologists, pharmacologists or pursue careers in genetics and medical research. A biology degree also opens doors to education and science writing.

Life, Physical and Social Science Occupations

Physician Assistants

Meet Our Faculty

The best thing about the NNU Biology program is the quality of education and that the professors actually want you to learn the information in a practical and useful way. The class sizes are small therefore professors and students can build really good relationships. Knowing that the Biology degree is a little difficult, professors have open hours and want to help students do well.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Studying Biology at NNU

You may have some questions if you’re considering studying biology at Northwest Nazarene University. Whether you are planning on pursuing a graduate degree or a career in healthcare, conservation or education, studying biology at NNU can help prepare you for a bright future.

What kind of careers are possible with a biology major?
Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with a biology major from Northwest Nazarene University! Our rigorous curriculum, infused with Christian liberal arts values, will equip you to pursue your passion in the vast field of biology.

One of the most rewarding paths you can embark on is healthcare. Many of our alums have pursued careers as physicians, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists, embodying our community service ethos. Others have found their calling in research, delving into the mysteries of life at molecular, cellular or ecosystem levels, contributing to breakthroughs that transform our world.

Education is another excellent avenue where you can inspire the next generation of biologists. You can share your passion as a teacher or professor, shaping young minds and nurturing their scientific curiosity. Environmental conservation, biotechnology, organic chemistry, genetic counseling, wildlife management—the list goes on!

NNU biology degrees also equip you for roles outside the traditional science sphere. You could find yourself in law, crafting legislation to protect our natural resources, or in business, leading a biotech startup to new heights.

At NNU, we are not just about imparting knowledge but about transforming lives. A biology major here is not just a degree—it’s a stepping stone to a master’s degree, a fulfilling career and a meaningful life. Let your journey begin here, at the heart of our vibrant, warm and supportive community. Embrace the intriguing world of biology, and let it shape your future.

How does the faculty support its biology students throughout their academic journey?
At Northwest Nazarene University, our faculty’s support for our biology students is steadfast and unwavering. Our professors are not just educators but mentors, guides and pillars of support throughout your academic journey.

Our faculty members are deeply invested in your success, demonstrating their commitment by offering personal guidance tailored to your aspirations. Whether pursuing a general biology, pre-medical or wildlife concentration, your major adviser will help you navigate your academic path.

Beyond the classroom, our faculty members foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and independent thinking. They encourage you to explore broad biology fundamentals, creationist viewpoints and evolutionary biology theories and delve into multidisciplinary studies, equipping you with analytical skills that will serve you well beyond graduation.

NNU’s supportive environment fosters personal and spiritual growth. You’re not just a student at NNU—you’re part of a warm, inviting community. Our faculty supports you throughout your academic journey as you transform your passion for biological sciences into a fulfilling career and meaningful life.

How can I prepare myself for a career in healthcare with a biology major from NNU?
At Northwest Nazarene University, we design our biology program to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful healthcare career. Our diverse curriculum provides a strong foundation in laboratory science, a crucial requirement for the medical field.

As a biology major, you’ll have the opportunity to explore fields such as cellular biology, bioengineering, marine biology, veterinary medicine and ecology, enabling you to identify your area of interest within the vast realm of biology. This broad exposure is complemented by a set of core prerequisite courses recognized by medical schools, thus preparing you for further studies if you choose.

In addition to academic preparation, our faculty focus on developing your logical, analytical and independent thinking abilities. These skills are invaluable in the healthcare sector, where problem-solving and decision-making are necessities.

For those who don’t wish to attend medical school, a biology degree from NNU prepares you for various roles in healthcare, including jobs in hospitals, wellness centers and conservation organizations. Furthermore, we encourage our students to take advantage of internships and work placements, providing practical experience and networking opportunities in the healthcare industry.
A degree opens doors to various career paths in education and research and provides opportunities in science communication and writing. With this degree, you can delve into the fascinating world of sharing scientific knowledge through engaging articles, educational materials and beyond.

Your journey at NNU continues after graduation. Our dedicated faculty continues to offer career guidance, helping you navigate your path in the healthcare sector long after you’ve left our classrooms. At NNU, we’re not just preparing you for a career—we’re preparing you for a fulfilling life in healthcare.

How does a degree in biology from NNU empower me to make a difference in my community?
At Northwest Nazarene University, earning a biology degree is more than an academic pursuit—it’s a gateway to making a tangible difference in your community. Our curriculum doesn’t just deliver knowledge; it molds you into a responsible, compassionate steward of life.

Our approach to biology is holistic and multifaceted. We delve into diverse areas like molecular cell biology, environmental science and wildlife biology, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of life’s interconnectedness. This broad perspective empowers you to address complex community challenges, from public health crises to environmental conservation.

As an NNU biology graduate, you are prepared to serve your community in various ways. You could contribute to improving public health, work towards preserving local ecosystems or educate the community about biological concepts that impact their daily lives.

Our emphasis on integrating scholarship, faith and service fosters a deep sense of community responsibility in our students. This ethos and rigorous scientific training enable you to apply your biology knowledge to uplift your community through healthcare, education, conservation or research.

Moreover, at NNU, you become part of a vibrant community of scholars committed to making a positive impact. The enthusiasm and dedication of our students, as reflected in their contributions to the health of the NNU community, are a testament to this.

A Biology degree from NNU empowers you to leverage your passion for life sciences to transform your community, embodying our mission of nurturing servant leaders.