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Department of Language & Literature

NNU’s Language and Literature department explores the broad field of English through three areas of study, teaching students a broader appreciation of art, culture, history and human nature. We help students come to a better understanding of themselves and build better connections with their world and others.

About the Language & Literature Department

Since scholars in the ancient world studied the Iliad, when Talmudic scholars studied the Torah, or as we translate the stories of indigenous peoples, the studies of language, literature, and cultures have been connected nearly seamlessly. Texts are alive in many media: the ways we build our homes, the ways we speak with each other, the ways we rear our children, the ways we approach the divine. In this department, we seek to maintain these connections and encourage the studies of the way we talk, write, think, create and live to enrich and inform one another in a challenging, nurturing and vibrant environment. If you like to read, write, listen, create as a community of poets, scholars, travelers and adventurers, this can be your academic home.

Learning Objectives

Graduates will think critically, express themselves clearly, research successfully and demonstrate an appreciation for the medium of language through a variety of writing experiences. Graduates of the department and general education students read and discuss masterpieces of Western and World literature, emphasizing how the works relate to the world in which they were created and how they relate to the reader and world today. Graduates of the department and general education students will have a concrete knowledge of authors and their literary works, understanding the author and work’s place in the culture from which they arose and in the literary world as a whole. They will also learn how to think critically about the culture in which they live, effectively communicate themselves and their ideas to the world, and gain empathetic insight into other lived experiences through thoughtful interaction with the broad field of English literature.

Programs of Study


Bachelor of Arts, English
English Education
Spanish Education


Creative Writing


Professional Writing

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