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FAQs for Undergraduate Students

Student Financial Services

Navigating the world of student finances can be complex, but you’re not alone on this journey. Our Student Financial Services team is here to assist you every step of the way, and this dedicated FAQ page aims to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

when is my bill due?

Financial arrangement of the balance due on your student account must be completed by the Friday preceding the first day of the semester: August 26, 2022 for the Fall Semester, and January 6, 2023 for the Spring Semester. By that date, the student account must be covered by any combination of the following:

  • Paid in Full: Pay your portion of the balance due online through the NNU Portal.
    • International Students may pay in your own currency using your credit card or from any foreign bank now available on your NNU Portal. International services are still provided by Flywire and are linked to the regular Pay Bill page.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Enroll from the NNU Portal or https://nnu.myonplanu.com/login for details regarding this interest-free payment plan option. The first payment will be either August 5th or September 5th for Fall plans; and January 5th or February 5th for Spring plans.
  • Military Benefits: Student Financial Services must be aware of these benefits in advance of the due date, and the benefits must be paid directly to NNU in order for these to be considered a component of satisfactory payment arrangements.
  • Financial Aid:  You must have completed ALL paperwork including but not limited to, any verification documentation that might have been requested of you. Aid must be ready for disbursement on the first day of the semester. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for information regarding eligibility and availability of aid.

Any student NOT falling into a combination of the above categories will be charged a $200 late fee. A HOLD will be placed on any Student Account with a balance due without a financial arrangement in place. Refer to the Student Financial Responsibility for policies regarding delinquent accounts.

what is a hold?

If there is a balance due on the Student Account without a Financial Arrangement that will pay the total balance due, then a HOLD is put on the account. The hold prevents the release of an official transcript or diploma, prevents changes to the current semester schedule, and blocks reenrollment for future semesters.

what is student financial resposibility?

The Student Financial Responsibility Statement that you accept when you first log into your NNU portal, details the financial obligations
associated with enrollment as a student at Northwest Nazarene University. Enrollment at NNU constitutes a contractual agreement
to pay all costs, both direct and indirect, for tuition and fees assessed for the courses for which you have registered. Failure to read
and understand these obligations is not a waiver of these obligations. Student Financial Services will be happy to answer any questions
and wants to ensure you understand what is expected. Financial responsibility is a critical aspect of the university experience.

how do i pay my account online?

Please review your Student Account by logging into your NNU Portal. Under the Student tab select Pay Bill then My Account Balance.

  • Create a semester account summary by generating a Course and Fee Statement anytime. Check regularly to ensure all aid is applied as expected and that course changes have not generated additional charges.
  • The My Account Balance page only displays the current balance and/or next semester’s charges but NOT pending financial aid.
  • Evaluate which items of financial aid you intend to use and subtract that from your charges.
  • Enter your payment amount (that you have calculated is your portion of the balance due) in the Prepayment or Partial Payment box. E-checks are always free. NNU accepts all major credit or debit card, however a service fee applies.
How can i give my parent(s) permission to view & pay the account online?
  • Students may log into the NNU Portal and click “Info Release.” The NNU portal is a secure site, so please do not give anyone your login and password information.
  • “Authorized Users” may be added on the secure pay bill site https://nnu.myonplanu.com/login
  • Follow the directions to add, edit or give the someone else listed permission to view grades and/or financial information.
  • The added person will be sent an email containing their own login and temporary password to the NNU portal.
  • The added person will not be sent statements. The student is responsible for all communication regarding an outstanding balance.
why am i being billed for health insurance?

NNU no longer provides student health insurance. NNU requires all traditional undergraduate students to have valid health insurance coverage. Insurance may be billed; please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment. For more
information about health insurance and policy requirments, please visit the Wellness Center, or call 208.467.8466.

what if someone else is paying my bill?

It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that information regarding payment amounts and deadlines are communicated to the person who will be paying the account, including parents. Once school begins only the student will receive reminders and notices on their NNU email or assigned campus mailbox. Using our payment provider, Flywire, Students may grant access to the payment portal for any Authorized User they choose.

what does the student fee cover?

The required “TRAD Student Fee” covers the general fees for Student Government Association, Registration, Conrad Commons library, research databases, and academic support, campus Safety and parking, but also allows full access to: Technology resources, Wi-Fi, and help desk; Wellness Center; physical and mental health services, and the Johnson athletic facilities for all traditional undergraduate students who reside on or off campus.  Part-time students have a reduced Student Fee based on enrollment.

why is my account balance different from the course & fee statement?

The Course and Fee Statement indicates the expected balance due after pending financial aid is applied to the current charges. The online My Account Balance is updated daily to reflect payments made and adjustments made to your schedule. Pending aid will not appear on this page until it is applied beginning the first day of class. Your pending financial aid will be applied as it is completed following the guidelines below.

  • Grants and scholarships from NNU are applied to your student account when ALL requirements are met.
  • Church awards and the corresponding match are applied to your account within a week of when they are received.
  • Private or outside scholarships are applied to your student account within a week of when the funds are received. If your scholarship has specific requirements, it is your responsibility to see to it that those are met.
  • Federal loan funds will be released beginning the first day of classes but only after ALL steps in the loan process are completed.
  • Private loans will be applied following the 10 days right of rescission once the loan is certified.

NOTE: “Offered Aid” is not necessarily guaranteed aid. Financial aid that is not applied to the account for any reason could result in
balance due and is the responsibility of the student to cover. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate action on any aid not disbursed
after the first week of classes. Questions regarding Financial Aid need to be direct to financialaid@nnu.edu or you can call 208.467.8638 or 877.668.4968.

are payment options available?

NNU payment plans are managed through Flywire which enables interest-free, monthly payments.

  • A 5-month semester plan is available for $45 each:
    • Fall: August through December.
    • Spring will be January through May.

Student Financial Services will suggest changes for modifying your budget to match actual balances. Please contact Student Financial Services if your budget will not be covered by current pending aid.

how are my direct loan funds applied to my account?

All first time NNU borrowers of the Federal Direct Student Loan will need to apply for this loan at studentaid.gov by logging in
with your FSA ID number. Please carefully follow the instructions that will accompany your Master Promissory Note (MPN). First time
borrowers must also complete entrance counseling found on the same site. Direct Parent loans require completion of both an
Application and MPN at studentaid.gov Log in using parent Social Security number and FSA ID number. If you are a continuing
student and had a Direct Loan this past year while attending NNU, you should have already completed an MPN and will not need to do this step again. Continuing students may accept their aid on the NNU portal.

what if i change my schedule?

Changes to your schedule may result in a change to your balance due. The regular full-time tuition rate of $17,774 per semester does not change after the 10th day of classes. Taking more than 18 credits costs extra. Dropping below 12 credits can have a drastic affect your available financial aid and completion date. Always consult your Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Officer before you consider dropping below full time. Part-time enrollment will result in an adjustment to your offered aid if you have not completed your registration prior to the 10th day of classes.

If you are currently only listed as part-time and you intend to be full-time contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding possible financial aid adjustments to your account. Your charges will adjust automatically when you complete your full-time schedule, but you need to verify that your financial aid is adjusted also.

what if i withdraw from nnu?

The Director of Academic Advising will determine the official date of withdrawal from school. There is a Withdrawal Fee of $100.  The cost of tuition, fees, room, and board are adjusted on a prorated schedule. Financial aid is also adjusted according to length of the enrollment. Please contact Student Financial Services for additional information regarding withdrawals. Be aware of the academic and financial impact before you begin the process.