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I know—online anything reminds us all of the trauma of 2020. However, after having to move our entire life to an online platform, some found that having the flexibility of location and time was preferred while others were overwhelmed with the isolation and obtaining new skills. No matter which side you fall on, we’re not trying to get you to commit to online learning but instead, begin the discussion on whether or not it may be a good fit for you.

The cons:

Lack of face-to-face interaction

Community is a big motivator for some learners. Being a remote learner may affect how connected you feel to your classmates and professors. Video meetings are a great way to combat this, however, some miss the in-person social interaction of on-campus courses that give opportunity to gather together in person and interact face-to-face.

No work/life balance

Sometimes the best way to learn is to separate your routine and your everyday spaces with an area designated to study. A classroom creates a space where you can get away from the distractions at home with no effort on your part.


Downloading Microsoft Suite, giving permissions to your laptop camera, uploading your papers and having a text app with some classmates can be overwhelming. Picking up new technologies and platforms to use them to propel your learning experience can feel like a lot. Sometimes, the idea of just showing up to class and handing in a paper feels more doable.

The pros:

Flexibility of location

Whether it’s a vacation, family obligation or just wanting to be on your couch, online school can be anywhere! Being able to take your laptop with you and make progress in a comfortable location can increase productivity and motivation.

Flexibility of time

Life is busy. You have taken time to establish a routine, so sometimes committing to showing up to an in-person experience can throw off your balance. Being able to schedule times that work for your unique schedule can be a benefit.

Fewer distractions

Carving out time in a location of your choice will ultimately give you the control to create what you need to focus. Take the opportunity to hide away from distractions so you stay engaged with your materials and make real progress in your studies.

Online learning is one of the many options you have when continuing your education, so it’s good to weigh out what may be the best fit. Ultimately, you should feel confident and supported whether it’s online, in person or a hybrid of both.