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Nov 4, 2022 | Blog

If you’ve followed NNU for any amount of time, you’ve heard us say words like “purpose,” “transformation” or “calling.” Although these things are true about NNU, we also know that sometimes life and the rhythms we’ve built can prevent us from really exploring the idea of a new dream.

Whether it’s feeling stuck in the career path that you spent time investing in, being present for your family or being fearful of taking on new commitments, we all have one thing in common: there is something greater stirring in us. You know the feeling. When you let your mind wander and you wonder if the skills, life experience, and passions you have can be the foundation for a whole new life.

You’ve thought about continuing your education. You’ve thought about how a program can help you move forward in an area of your life that excites you. But how do you change your dreams into actively pursuing a calling?

1. Acceptance is always the first step

It’s time to stop pretending that you are content in your current circumstance. Of course, there are great moments and areas of your life you’re proud of, but there are also things that you can add more fullness to. Accept that there is a feeling of wanting more and that it is okay.

2. Give yourself time

Dreams don’t happen overnight. Take a moment and breathe. A program as a whole can seem overwhelming with course schedules, payment plans, internships, etc. You don’t need to know every detail of how your life will be impacted right this second. Take a moment to let a new dream soak in. Be okay with the idea of accepting an individualized pace. Today may not be the day, but tomorrow might be.

3. Be realistic: it’s okay to be a little scared

Ask smaller questions like “Can I do one reading assignment a week?” Or “Can I show up to an evening class?” Things will fall into place and life will adjust to new priorities, but don’t count yourself out because the idea of the whole program feels like a lot to do in your current lifestyle. Consider how your life will change, feel your feelings about that and decide how to move forward.

4. Move forward

You’ve acknowledged your goals, waited for the best time and have identified the ways it may impact your life; now let’s do something! Take small steps. Start with your application process, one document at a time. From there, surround yourself with resources and community to come alongside you as your future unfolds.

You have a whole life ahead of you and NNU is thrilled to be your bridge!

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