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It has been a full month since the start of the new year! Is anyone else feeling discouraged by the fading motivation of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Hopes of “getting healthy” have resulted in unused gym memberships and sneaking a pack of Oreos into your grocery cart. Was your newly planned budget forgotten only a few aisles in at Target last week? The good news is if your desire to go back to school has fizzled out, it’s not too late! Here are 5 ways to get remotivated:

Remember why:

A lot of goals get pushed to the back burner because we forget why they were initially important to us. Was the thought of going back to school a way to move up in your current job, change jobs altogether, or maybe have a career that fits your lifestyle better? No matter the reason, take a moment to remind yourself what sparked your dream in the first place.

Set smaller goals:

Going back to school seems overwhelming because a program as a whole includes course schedules, payment plans, internships, etc. But you don’t need to know every detail of how your life will be impacted right this second. Set small goals to make it more digestible. Start with just the application process or talk to an admissions counselor. The rest will fall into place, and your life will adjust.

Surround yourself with positive people:

If you have spent a lot of time thinking of all the reasons your goals may not work, you definitely do not need someone else reinforcing those fears. Tell trusted, supportive people in your life what you are hoping to accomplish and lean on them when you are feeling discouraged. Sometimes the best way to keep going is hearing from someone you trust that you can do it!

Plan for setbacks:

If new goals were easy, blogs like this one wouldn’t exist. Being motivated isn’t about avoiding the reality that life gets in the way sometimes. Instead, it is about anticipating areas of your life that may make success more of a challenge and being prepared to fight through them.

Believe in yourself:

Feeling unmotivated or discouraged is normal, but you are capable of setting your mind to this. Fear or negative self-talk can be the #1 reason you are feeling held back. Take a moment and remember all you have already accomplished and all the qualities about yourself that will make you successful.

We understand that your New Year’s resolution to go back to school feels overwhelming. We hope that these tips have been helpful and encouraging. We would love to help you get started and excited about new possibilities!