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Feb 1, 2023 | Blog

It is no surprise that in our post-COVID world, there is a growing need for professionals who are designated to effectively communicate with patients and the general public about health care. That is why NNU is offering a new degree path: Health Communication!

Maybe you are considering health communication, but you’re just not sure if it’s the right major for you. Choosing a major can be overwhelming, so it is best to start by thinking about natural qualities, interests and characteristics you may already possess. Here are 5 things that may make Health Communication a perfect fit!

Consider this degree if you:

1. Advocate for others:

You are able to find those in need and be a voice on their behalf. You have a powerful voice and a way about you that gets other people to care for your cause.

2. Are passionate about the medical field and healthcare but don’t want to provide hands-on care:

You understand the ins and outs of healthcare and know the incredible capacity of the medical field however, subjects like science and math may not be your strong suit. Health communication is a great way to be in the medical field without providing direct care.

3. Are an excellent communicator:

You are often looked to to take difficult or complex information and translate it into something that other people will understand. You are a great writer, and subjects like reading, grammar or public speaking come pretty easily to you.

4. Are excited by research and facts:

You love taking the extra time to make sure you fully comprehend something and find joy in digging into all the details.

5. Want to help people:

Obtaining medical attention and fully understanding what is happening is often a luxury not many people have. In their most vulnerable and scary experiences, having someone who cares and wants to help communicate the care they are receiving is critical.

NNU is excited to meet someone like you and partner with you in pursuing your calling in the Health Communication field. Get connected today to receive more information!

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