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Feb 28, 2023 | Blog

As spring approaches, many of us feel the tension of one season ending and a new one beginning. Little patches of green grass are emerging from our gray lawns, reminding us that there is still life waiting to bloom. Spring can be a good reminder that there may be areas in our lives waiting to grow. What are some areas of your life that are beginning to feel the tension of seasons changing? And how do you let that bloom begin?


The holidays tend to leave us feeling tired, and before you know it, it’s already March! Self-care is a meaningful way to reconnect with yourself. For some, it may be getting outside in the sunshine, while for others, it may be a great book and a bubble bath. Take some time to identify an activity for just you that makes you feel recharged.


Have you found yourself having a hard time doing the things that make you feel connected to God? Trading Sunday service for sleeping in, or devotional time for TV time? Whatever it may be, if you are feeling spiritually disconnected, don’t feel discouraged. We serve a God who knows you and cares about your relationship! Whether it is going to a later service or jumping into a Bible study with some friends, God is eager to connect with you.


Winter for many of us means celebrating the shorter days with an early bedtime and a lot of time inside the house. A season of rest is so important, but you may be starting to feel the need to be around people again. Call a friend and meet up for a cup of coffee this week! Look up local events to take the family to. Prioritize just one additional hour this week to connect with someone you love.


Have you found yourself trying to find a way to make yoga pants look business casual? Maybe you find yourself staring at a screen for hours at a time. Maybe you’re just experiencing an overall lack of motivation when it comes to work. This may be a great time to pause and re-evaluate whether you are happy in your career and if this is a good time to look for a new path. If you do love your job, it may be a good time to stop and remind yourself why you love it. Many people spend most of their day at work, so it is important to identify the passion that keeps you there.


Does your dream career require a different or additional degree? Deciding to continue your education can feel like a big jump. We know you have a busy life! That’s why we make it possible to continue working and being present with your family, while working toward a degree in your desired field.

Changing with the seasons is something we all long for, but also something that takes work. Every season brings new challenges and new rewards. What area of your life are you beginning to feel a shift? We would love to be a part of your growth in this new season. Happy Spring!

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